Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Monday was cold again. I ate some oatmeal for breakfast. I putzed around, read my book and did some light housecleaning.

Amanda was supposed to come at 6:00 p.m. to pick me up for Painting with a Twist. But she called around 4:00 and asked if she could come early so we could get something to eat.

She rolled up at 5:00 p.m. and we headed for Dearborn. She wanted to take me to Miller's Bar for dinner.

I didn't tell her but I had been there before. A long time ago, Jimmie Neal (our MOS copier guy), a very attractive helper and I ate lunch there when we were doing an audit on the copiers downriver.

Back then, we went at lunch time and it was packed. It's a favorite of Ford executives.

But, at 5:30 p.m., we got right in.

Miller's is a strange place. Been owned by the same family for 75 years! They don't have menu's and mostly just serve burgers and fries They only have a small flatop for cooking, so the wait for your food is long. And, when they bring you your burger, it's not on a plate. It's on a piece of waxed paper! As are the fries or onion rings. You can get a hamburger or cheese burger, but no lettuce or tomato. There are pickle slices on the table. And, if you want onion on your burger, the waitress brings you a slice of onion on waxed paper. Plus, you don't get a bill. It's on the honor  system. When you are done eating, you walk up to the bar, tell the bartender what you ate, and he tells you what you owe.

But the burgers really are fantastic!!!

From there, we went to Painting with a Twist. There were four Arab girls who came a little late, but painted with us. They were rowdy and fun.

I don't like my painting. I should have painted more leaves! And I don't understand why the road is blue, not brown.

This is what we were supposed to paint
This was my painting.
I think I will ask what kind of paint they use and buy some at Michael's to fix mine.

The class ended and Amanda drove me home. We got to my house around 10:30 p.m.

My back hurt from sitting three hours on a stool (with no back support). I was tired but not sleepy, so I watched the news and then the Tonight show. I turned that off and tossed and turned until I finally fell asleep.

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