Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jungle Day

I woke up late again on Wednesday. So, no Blog posting yet. Vicky and her mother were supposed to pick me up at 9:30 a.m. Unfortunately, they got here early. Fortunately, I was wearing a robe when they rang the bell. They waited in the living room while I got dressed.

Then we hopped in the truck and started the long journey to the Great Lakes Crossing mall.

Sidebar: Our friend and ex-coworker, Michelle Pace, was getting off work at noon for Thanksgiving. So, we agreed to meet her at the mall for lunch. But the jungle girls (Vicky and Evy) wanted to do some Christmas shopping first.

We got finally there and easily found a parking space (I have heard horror stories about people who went there on the weekend and had to park a mile away).

We started walking up one side and then down the other. Damn, that place is big!

Whenever they found a store to investigate, I would give my legs a rest and sit on a bench. I should have gotten one of those handicap scooters!

I use a wireless phone charger and I must not have set it on there correctly, as my phone died about halfway down the first side. So, no pictures of the restaurant or the reunion. Sorry.

We met up with Michelle about 1:00 p.m. at Johnny Rocket's. It's like an old-fashioned diner. I ordered the Route 66 (a mushroom and grilled onions burger and fries). I didn't notice, but they also served Tater Tots as a side. Evy and Michelle ordered theirs plain, while Miss Vicky got hers topped with bacon and other stuff.

My burger was okay, but no where near as good as the one at Miller's Bar the other night.

We ate and talked. Michelle has several serious operations coming up (hopefully in December). We finally said our goodbyes to Michelle and she left, out into the snow.

We continued our shopping.

In the end, Vicky (have I ever told you just how nice she is?) bought some winter boots (with high heels, LOL!!! She's such a fashionista!) a Thanksgiving and a Christmas dress for Yanessa, and a gift card for Myla. Evy bought a Thanksgiving shirt.

Sidebar: Vicky told me I had to describe her as nice in the Blog, LOL!!!

We finally left. It wasn't snowing, it was sunny again! We got on I-75 and immediately ran into rush hour traffic (it was about 3:00 p.m.). It took a long time to get my ass home.

When I got there, I put my feet up in my lift chair. My legs were killing me.

About 6:00 p.m., Amanda sent me a text, asking if I had dinner yet. I said, "No, why?" She said she wondered if I wanted to meet her and Keldon for a quick dinner at Wendy's after his karate class ended.

Sidebar: She likes Wendy's. Not only is it cheap, but she can get a baked potato. Girl loves her baked potatoes.

So, I ran up to the Wendy's at Middle Belt and Joy road. I was about "bugered" out, so I ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and a strawberry lemonade. It was pretty good. When we were finished,  I wished them both a happy Thanksgiving and went back home.

Dinner done, I spent the rest of the night either in the lift chair or my bed, with my feet elevated. My legs were trashed. I went to sleep a little after midnight.

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