Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hump Day

I woke up at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesday. I had a cup of coffee and filled in the Blog. Then I heated up my leftovers and had a great breakfast (they almost tasted as good at they did late last night).

My friend B___ called and we talked for a long time, catching up.

It was almost noon when I finally shaved, showered and got dressed for a town errand run. I went to Home Depot and bought some work gloves. It was cold out, but no precipitation.

Back home, I made a bologna sandwich with yellow mustard for lunch.

Sidebar: I have never resolved my age old dilemma. Does a bologna sandwich taste better with mustard or mayonnaise? Never have figured that out. Sometimes I want the "bite" of yellow mustard and, other times, the mellowness of mayonnaise.

I spent most of the afternoon figuring out the wood needed for Betsy's shelves. Since I am not paying for it, I don't want to buy too little or too much. It was a bitch and required one call to Betsy to double check a measurement.

I tried to take a late nap. I was tired enough, but I could not fall asleep.

I made another BLT for dinner. I wish I had chips to go with these sandwiches! I ate some black olives instead.

I watched the movie "Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg again. Then I went to bed.


  1. re: bologna both work, BUT I want it fried. NOT cold

  2. LOL, I like it both ways (hot or cold) too! I'm all messed up with this bologna thing!