Sunday, October 29, 2017


Since I fell asleep early, I woke up early at 5:10 a.m. I got a cup of coffee and read in bed until the news came on at 6:00.

It was still chilly, but the overnight rain had stopped.

I got another cup of coffee and filled in the Blog post.

I was really hungry and for some odd reason, I wanted bacon. But, the bacon was in the freezer. So, I got it out to thaw for brunch and ate an apple for breakfast.

I finally shaved, showered and got dressed for an errand or two.

I ran over to the Kroger's on Ford Road to pick up a few items and, more importantly, get some cheaper gas. Kroger's has a gas station there where I can redeem my fuel points.

The wind made it freakin' cold, BTW!

I got my gas and then got my ass home.

I took the leftover roast beef and sliced it about 1/4 inch thick. Then I cut it in strips and cut the strips in half. All that went into the slow cooker. I added in two jars of Heinz savory beef gravy and two tablespoons of butter.

Sidebar: Why butter? I dunno,but Amanda told me it helps to break down and tenderize meat. So, what the hell.

I started the cooker on High, but once the butter melted, turned it onto Low.

Meanwhile, I set up the sawhorse and top in the back room. I put the cradle on top of this and opened the paint can. I feathered in all the drip spots I had removed and painted the insides of the heart with the artist's brush.

I stopped at that point and took a rinse-off shower. Then Amanda and Keldon picked me up for a planned visit to the Martinville cemetery.

Sidebar: I thought (and so did she) we were going to a real cemetery. But it turned out to be an elaborate Halloween display in someones front yard in Livonia. We talked to the lady of the house and she explained her and her husband buy props from haunted houses that go belly up. All are very elaborate and some are animated. Weird, but if you are really into Halloween, I guess I can see it. Here's just a few photos.

From there we drove back to my house. I got the truck and drove to their house (so I wouldn't need a ride back home). When Scott got off of work, we all piled in her car and went to Greenfield Village for their Halloween show. It was a lot of walking, but worth it. Here's a few more pictures for you.

It was almost 11:00 p.m. when we got back to their house, so I made my goodbyes outside, got in the truck and drove home.

I made an open roast beef sandwich for a late night dinner. The gravy/butter slow cooking did the trick and the meat was tender!

I put the leftovers away, soaked the inside of the slow cooker and went to bed.

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