Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Monday, monday...

It was chilly and overcast Monday morning. I had oatmeal for breakfast, in case you were wondering.

I watched the morning news. I was determined to stay in bed and under the covers as long as possible.

When the news ended (Dammit), I finally shaved showered and got dressed. Then I headed out in light rain.

Sidebar: It was supposed to rain like hell around 1:00 p.m. and then rain off and on through Wednesday.

I took the I-96 expressway to I-275, and then got off at Ford Road. I backtracked down Newburgh to Lowe's. I got what I needed and headed home.

It was still just sprinkling, so I stopped at Time Out and got a bowl of creamy potato soup for lunch. I mentioned the three days of rain to Amanda and asked her if she ever got her crappy wipers replaced. She said she did, so I was relieved.

Back home, I left the truck outside. I treated the cat and changed into my crappiest shorts and t-shirt.

Then I went out and painted the underside of the cradle. Obviously, with the two rockers, eight rocker braces and the bottom itself, that was the busiest part to paint. So, I took my time (I'd really like to NOT put on two coats). When I finished up, I washed the paint brush and closed up the paint can. Then I went back inside.

I had paint here and there on my clothes, my hands and my arms.  I took off the shorts and t-shirt (saving them for tomorrow) and took a shower.

I got dressed in a fresh t-shirt and shorts. Then I took a break. I laid on the bed and watched some taped DIY shows. I had one of those apples we picked for a snack (after I washed it). I don't remember the variety, but it was good.

I waited maybe three hours until the rain let up a bit (and the cradle had a chance to dry a bit) and then I pulled the truck back inside.

I had to treat the cat again (of course). I was going to round up all the trash for Tuesday's pickup. But I realized it wasn't worth it. Now that I am recycling and I have those two big bins, I just don't have that much actual trash to make it worth taking out to the road.

Sidebar: I currently have three kitchen trash bags in the bin and that's not even half full!

So, putting out the trash and the recyclables is now an every other week event and I don't mind.

The heavy rain had come back when I realized I forgot to take a picture of the cradle before I pulled the truck in. So, I went in the garage and took a couple. I couldn't get the right angle with the truck in the way, but you get the idea.

It doesn't look as dark as I feared. It kinda looks like something you would see in a Home Decorating magazine, so maybe she is onto something, LOL!

I warmed up some of the prosciutto and peas pasta for dinner.

I couldn't find anything interesting on TV, so I grabbed a book and read until bedtime.


  1. If you tried a new apple variety every day, it would take you over 20.5 years to try all of them. Along with this blog-post-a-day challenge, I could see you taking something like that up as a hobby. The cradle looks nice.

  2. Apple idea sounds intriguing. Thanks for the cradle comment. It's getting there...