Saturday, October 28, 2017


I woke up at 5:30 a.m. on Friday. It was already 48 degrees, so it was much warmer than Thursday morning.

I had a cup of coffee while I filled out the blog post. Then I had two blueberry waffles for breakfast.

I shaved, showered and got dressed for an errand run. I was running low on both coffee and toilet paper, so I headed to Costco. I grabbed what I needed and was standing in the checkout line when I saw that they have the peanuts again. This was a conundrum!

A. I can't afford to feed the squirrels anymore and they have PLENTY of black walnuts for the winter.
B. But, I like to feed the squirrels.

In the end, I decided to compromise. I won't keep the squirrel feeder full, but I will give them a weekly treat. So, I bought a bag for $6.00.

Back home, I left the truck outside. I changed into my work clothes and started prepping the drips on the cradle for repainting.

I was surprised that a lot of them were still not completely dried! I decide that was because it's just been sitting in the cold garage all this time.

It took a couple hours, but I thought I finally had it ready for touch up or repainting. I put it in the back room to dry in the warmth of the house.

My legs hurt (and my back still hurt from toilet wrestling on Thursday), so I laid down on the bed and watched TV for a while. I got up at 2:30 p.m. and took a rinse-off shower. Then I got dressed for town again.

I left at 3:15 p.m. I was supposed to meet Amanda and Keldon at the Dearborn Historical Museum for yet another Halloween event.

Traffic was lighter than I thought, so I got there early. I parked and went inside to find a bathroom.

Sidebar: The Dearborn Historical Museum is small, but has a lot of interesting stuff. I checked it out while I waited for my partners in crime.

Note: Today was Keldon's Halloween party at his school, so Amanda left work early to attend.

She sent me a text, letting me know they had stopped to get lunch and would be there shortly.

They showed up and Keldon started doing some crafts (like gluing a ghost on a black paper plate)

Then he played some games and did trick or treating. But, it was a very small event and we were done in less than a half hour!!!

We had planned to get some food afterwards so Amanda asked if I was hungry. I skipped lunch, so I said yes. So, we went to La Pita. I ordered the chicken breast, with rice, a little salad, hummas, etc.

But they had eaten less than an hour before, so Amanda just got a side of rice (with the almond slivers, it's crunchy good) and Keldon ordered chicken strips. I ate my dinner, but both of them asked for boxes and took most of their food home.

Amanda checked for other Halloween events in the area.

Sidebar: Halloween is her favorite holiday, if you haven't already guessed that.

The closest one was at St. Matthews Lutheran Chuck and School on Venoy in Westland (a lot closer to my house). So, we both headed out in our vehicles in the rain.

When we got there, the place was packed! We went up and down two hallways, collecting candy and then went into two separate rooms so Keldon could play games.

Keldon, in a no-hands donut eating contest
The back of Amanda and Keldon's heads while they checked out yet another game.

 We went through the Haunted Hallway (which was NOT scary, LOL).

Line for the Haunted Hallway

Group shot in one of the game rooms

We finally had enough and decided to leave. We said goodby in the rain and I drove home.

I changed clothes (yet again) and watched some lame TV until I fell asleep.

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