Thursday, September 21, 2017


I woke up early on Wednesday. I had a cup of coffee and two Eggo waffles for breakfast while I watched the news. Puerto Rico just got hit by Hurricane Maria.

Sidebar: I worry about all of Vicky's relatives down there, but especially her Aunt Mundy and her Grandmother. I'm not worried about flooding or storm surges as they live on top of a mountain in Arecibo. But, in 150+ winds, I'm not convinced being on top of a mountain in a little wood and stucco house is all that safe.

Fortunately, when her Grandmother started going downhill, her sons all got together and added on a hurricane room. It's a cement block addition to the back of the house (It's where I slept when we were there). It has it's own bathroom and a reinforced roof. Hopefully, that's where they hunkered down.

Unfortunately, all the cell towers blew down and power is out all over the island. So, it may be days or even weeks before we learn if they are safe.

I shaved, showered (more water on the floor) and got dressed.

Pat's Sewer Cleaners showed up promptly at 9:00 a.m. Fortunately, one of the guys on the truck had been here before.  So, I didn't have to spend a lot of time explaining the outside cleanout. I just ran a 100 foot extension for them and left them to it.

They ran the cutter out to the road and then, for the first time, ran it up into the house.

Sidebar: They usually came inside and use that cleanout and make a mess. Not that the downstairs isn't already a mess.

I helped out by running the water in the main bathtub and flushing toilets when requested.

Results: There were some, but not a lot, of roots in the line out to the road. He said the line in the house was installed with too little angle for proper draining. As a result, sludge builds up (something the cutter is not meant to deal with).

He said if it happened again soon, he would suggest a high-pressure water treatment ($500.00) to blow the sludge out to the road. If not, he said I should at least have them come out yearly to clean it out.

I gave him $210.00 and shook their hands. Then they went on their way.

I took a rest on the bed for an hour. Then went to Kroger's and got a package of hot dogs (I'm tired of brats) and some buns. I plan on grilling that steak today and hate to waste charcoal. I did an impulse buy of a bunch of beautiful radishes. I also bought a pie pumpkin. Back home, I made a ham sandwich for lunch. I hard boiled some eggs and boiled some Yukon Gold potatoes

It was still overcast, but getting warmer. So, I went outside. I put the pie pumpkin on the bottom shelf of the porch rack (looked bare after putting away the flower pots). Then I got some Indian corn that I've had for years (used to hang it up on the porch) and set it on the top shelf. Hmmm... Not bad.

I went out back and put away the all statues along with two of the three patio chairs and the tables.

Then I got the wheelbarrow and took down the kitchen window planter box. That was tough! I got the wheelbarrow back as far as the shed when I ran out of gas.

I locked everything back up, went inside and made a quick potato salad. The dressing was mayo and mustard with fresh thyme and chives. I stuck that in the fridge and took a nap.

It was sunny and hot when I woke up at 4:00 p.m. My back hurt (that window box is not only heavy but up high).   I took the steak out to come to room temperature and started the charcoal.

I grilled the dogs first and then, after seasoning it heavily with salt and pepper, (its a really thick steak) grilled the steak.

I let the hot dogs cool and then put them in the fridge while the steak rested.

Then I plated my dinner. A sliced piece of the steak, some potato salad and some radishes. Excellent!

I cleaned up the kitchen and quit for the night. I went to bed early (I was still beat) at 10:00 p.m.


  1. Not great news on the sewer.....what are you thinking of doing about it? Isn't there a couple of teenagers in your neighbor hood that could help with the heavy stuff?

  2. As a far as the sewer goes, I'm just going to do the yearly sewer preventative clean out, unless it acts up.

    Don't know any teenagers in the neighborhood, just little kids.

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