Monday, September 25, 2017


I slept in until 7:00 a.m. I went and made a cup of coffee and dumped the sock water (this time it was pink). I refilled that and took the coffee in to fill out the Blog post.

It was already 72 degrees. BTW.

I had two more waffles for breakfast. I did the Sunday morning chores. Then I went in and watched the Sunday morning news shows.

My leg doesn't hurt, but it does throb and ache.

I finally got around to shaving, showering and getting dressed. I re-bandaged my knee, this time adding Neosporin.

I was going out to get the mail I forgot on Saturday. But I couldn't find my cane! WTF? I looked everywhere (I usually hook it on one of the door knobs) but, no cane. I called Sandy's on the Beech to see if I left it here. Nope. I sent a text to Amanda to see if I left it in her car. She replied no, but I had it in my hand as I stood on the porch and waved goodbye. She suggested it might be under my bed.

Now, no way was I going to kneel down and check. So, I used a flashlight and a mirror. Nope.

I finally gave up and got the other one out of the truck.

I did walk as far as the mailbox. On the way back, I noticed the mums are blooming, beautifully.

The heat was oppresive. We actually tied the all time record for this day - 90 degrees.

Several people called or texted, asking how I was doing (thanks). I did get an invitation for a chicken and dumpling dinner that I regretfully declined. It sounded grest but Mt. Clemens seemed way too far away...

I thought I might work on the toy box, but that didn't happen, either. I mostly stayed in bed the whole damn day.

Late in the afternoon, I remembered there were clothes in the dryer, so I went to get them. There was my cane, hanging on the utility sink! I never thought to look downstairs!

For lunch I ate the other half of that Rueben and for dinner, I ate the rest of the leftover steak. I needed something to go with the steak but didn't have any easy choices. So, I baked some tater tots I found when cleaning out the freezer a while back. The steak was delicious. The tater tots tasted like shit. I added some ketchup to dip them in. Then they tasted like shit dipped in ketchup.

Sidebar: Can something like tater tots get freezer burn?

I thought I might watch a movie or something, but I only made it to 8:30 p.m. before I crashed.

Amanda called to check on me and woke me up at 9:30 p.m. I told her I was fine. We chatted for a short while (they had skipped the Renaissance Festival because of the heat and went swimming in a friends pool instead. Scott actually swan some - he has a bad knee) and then hung up. I turned off the light and went to bed.

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