Saturday, September 23, 2017

Road Trip

I woke up at 6:00 a.m. on Friday. I had waffles for breakfast and then lazily got shaved, showered and dressed.

I left at 10:00 a.m. for Clinton Township and my doctor's appointment at 11:00. I got there one minute late.

I crushed that checkup!!! Blood pressure 120/80. I've lost 11 pounds. My A1C was 5.1 (she cut back the diabetes meds). And, she does take Medicare, so I don't have to find a new doctor!

Sidebar: It was funny. After she learned I was retired, she warned me about just staying in the house. She said that's how retirees get depressed. I laughed and said, "Don't worry. I have this friend Amanda who is constantly dragging me here and there."She said, "Great!"

I left there in a very good mood.

Then I headed to Marine City. Betsy Knapp needs some shelves in her garage and her son, Erik, asked me to check it out. He lives in Massachusetts and it would be a little far for him.

I got off 1-94 at the Marine City exit and drove the 12 miles to Marine City. She was ready for me, so I sketched the two shelves to her specifications and then added in the measurements.

She also mentioned she'd like a handrail (I don't blame her. I was a little afraid walking down those steps and she's older than me). I asked if it had to be wood and she said, "No. Why?" I told her I could make one out of galvanized pipe that I thought would be more secure. She agreed.

Then I headed back home. It usually is a long ride, but this was worse. There was a stop and go traffic jam between I-75 and I-96.  Then, all three lanes on I-96 were stopped for a long while because of an accident. But, I finally got off at Beech Daly.

At the first light south on Beech Daly after the expressway, the entire street was block off! There were no detour sighs so people were going everywhere. I went through the neighborhood back to the service drive and went to Inkster.

I promptly got stopped by a long train. With nothing better to do, I counted the cars. There were 131 cars on that damn train!

Finally home, I treated the cat and collapsed on the bed.

Amanda called when she was leaving work to see how my checkup went and I invited her and Keldon to dinner to celebrate my check up. She picked Outback.

Sidebar: Since I have half of a beautiful steak in the fridge, that wouldn't have been my first choice.

But I had something called the Alice Springs chicken. It was a grilled chicken breast topped with mushrooms and bacon and covered with cheese. There was warm honey mustard on the side. It was pretty good.

I was back home around 7:00 p.m. I called my brother Carl to fill him in on the Betsy visit (they are old friends). I caught him playing bingo with Hannah, so I talked fast.

After we hung up, I changed clothes and watched some TV. I dozed off at 9:00 p.m., (it had been a long day) but woke back up at 11:00 p.m. So, I watched the news and part of the tonight show and then went to bed for real

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