Sunday, September 24, 2017


I woke up on Saturday to the alarm. I had a busy day planned.

I shaved, showered and got dressed. At 8:40 a.m, I left for my 9:00 dentist appointment. It was just the routine checkup and cleaning, so it was no big deal.

Sidebar: It was no big deal, but I'm still not fond of all that scraping, LOL!

Since I was already on Ford Road, I went to the Kroger gas station (we don't have one nearby) and refilled my tank using my Kroger fuel points. That Friday road trip had used up a lot of gas!

I stopped at CVS. I had one of those robo-calls saying I had a prescription to pick up. When I went in, I said, "I have a bunch of prescriptions to pick up." She said, "No, you only have one." I said, "But my doctor said she would send all of them for refill." She said, "She did. But Blue Cross said it was too early to refill them all, except one."

So much for trying to get my pills before the Blue Cross insurance runs out...

I did a load of laundry before changing clothes. I dug out my old, loose-fitting Puerto Rico clothes as it was supposed to hit 90 degrees today and I was going to the Redford Octoberfest with Amanda and Keldon.

They picked me up just before noon (when it started) and we headed out. It is always in the parking lot of the police station at Five Mile and Beech Daly (maybe two miles away). So, it didn't take long to get there.

Parking was easy and we walked over to the building that housed the kids activities (all free, by the way). There was also a huge tent and lots of smaller ones that I assume were more geared for adults, but we never made it that far.

They had a mechanical bull surrounded by a bounce pad.

Keldon and the bull

Sidebar: I watched that for a long time and never saw anyone, large or small, stay on that thing.

Two giant bounce pad/slides.

They had face painting (I declined).

Pumpkin painting, crafts and a guy twisting up balloons.

Keldon got an ax and Amanda a flower

Then it was time for the hayride. Amanda and Keldon clambered up and then it was my turn. But the first step was too high and made my bad leg useless. They did have two hand holds, but it didn't help. I couldn't get up! Amanda rushed over and offered me her hand.

Sidebar: She is very good at helping me up off the floor if I have to kneel down or out of low chairs. But, no way could she lift me up. I outweigh her by a good 100 pounds. So, I refused.

Then, two guys working the hay ride boosted me up. Then they boosted me up to the wagon bed. As soon as I stood up and they let go, I lost my balance. I fell down and landed on my bad knee and split it open.

Amanda help me to the front of the wagon and a bale of hay, while one of the workers went to the first aid station. I sat there bleeding like a stuck pig. I totally freaked out the young kids sitting across from me (and their dad). Their eyes were as big as saucers!

My white short sock was rapidly filling up with blood and it had also splashed on my shoe. Thank god I was wearing shorts or I would have lost a pair of pants as well.

He finally came back with two gauze pads and two Hulk band-aids (it was the kids section, remember?)

So, Amanda wiped as much of the blood off as she could with just two gauze pads and put on the Hulk band-aids. 

I was still leaking blood, but just not as bad. 

Then we left on the hay ride. The tractor driver took us down thee side streets in the neighborhood (there are some beautiful houses back there, BTW). At one point, he turned onto the baseball field of St. Valentine's Catholic church.

This outraged the cute, chubby little girl sitting next to me (she couldn't have been more than five or six). She stood up and started yelling at the driver, "This is school property. You're not allowed to go on school property!"

We finally got back and every one got off. I was last. There were now four guys and Amanda standing in a semi-circle to make sure I got down safe. That was almost as embarrassing as falling the first time.

First stop for me was the bathroom to towel off the remaining blood. But, wouldn't you know it, it had an electric hand dryer, no paper towels. So I did the best I could with toilet paper and water.

It was really hot outside (Keldon's face painting was melting and dripping on his shirt) and we all decided enough was enough. I asked if anyone else was hungry and they were. So, we walked across the parking lot to Sandy's in the Beech (cute). Amanda got a patty melt, Keldon a corned beef sandwich and I got a Rueben. They were all oversized and we ended up taking half of each sandwich with us.

They dropped me off and I got to work. I washed the cut out with peroxide and put a large bandage on it. 

I put my sock in a bowl of cold water and washed off my shoe. I changed clothes. I got a bag of frozen peas out of the fridge, lay on the bed and put it on my leg to try and keep the swelling or bruising down.

I stayed there for most of the afternoon, other than posting my pictures. I did dump the sock water (it was bright red) and refilled it.

When I got hungry again, I ate two hot dogs and the last of the potato salad.

I fell asleep very early and slept until 11:00 p.m. I swapped out the sock water again (now it was light red). I watched the news and then Saturday Night Live. Then I went to bed for real.


  1. For being a fairly non-people sort of person, you’ve got a bizarre knack for making yourself the center of attention.