Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Big First!

I woke up at the usual time on Monday. I thought I'd switch it up a bit for breakfast, so I made two eggs, over easy. I heated up two slices of the sandwich ham (too thin for this idea, but tasted good) and made rye bread toast. I ate it watching the news and it was pretty good (the food, not the news). More importantly, it was different (tired of the same old, same old).

I got dressed in my work clothes and got to work. I had to realign one of the veneer edging strips, so I heated that up until I could gently pull some of it free. I fixed its position, heated it up again and glued it down.  Then I added the last piece of edging to the toy box.

Sidebar: This board has curves in it and was a bugger to get right.

Amanda called me on her way into work, all excited. Turns out Mojo in the Morning (local radio station) was having a contest and the caller who dialed in at the correct  number won. She called and she won four tickets to the Red Wings preseason game tonight! She asked me if I wanted to go with her, Scott and Keldon.

Since I have never been to a live hockey game, much less one at the new Little Caesar arena, I said, "Sure!"

She only works until 2:30 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, so she went and got them after work. She sent me a picture of them after she picked them up and we both started researching  where we would be sitting. It was in Section 109, Row 9 in the East Club. They also came with a VIP parking pass.

So, at 5:30 p.m., I headed over to their place in Dearborn. When I got there, we all piled into her car and Scott drove us to the arena.

Parking was indeed free ($40.00 saved right there). We went through the security check and took the elevator to the main floor. While we walked to our section, I kept checking out the vendors. There were all kinds of food and beverage places. It really is quite huge.

We made it to the East Club and got another surprise. All the food, beer and wine was free! And, this wasn't hot dogs and burgers. Oh, no! The first thing I tried was the steak au poivre!!!

Sidebar: I don't mean to mislead you. Each serving came on a paper plate about three inches across. My steak au poivre, for example, was maybe a one inch cube of melt in your mouth steak and one baby fingerling potato cut in half, all topped with an excellent light sauce. It was fantastic, but more like an amuse bouche than a meal.

Scott and Keldon got a small paper tray and loaded it up with stuff. I would have been more than content to keep getting seconds and thirds of the steak, but Amanda kept bringing me thing to "try."

I lost track of everything I had, but I know I had some braised lamb on rice (excellent), a prosciutto and cheese plate, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich (about the size of an original White Castle slider) and some excellent mac and cheese. They had cookies and ice cream for dessert, but I passed. I was stuffed!

The Red Wings were already on the ice when we finally made out way to our seats. Here's some photos for you:

Finally, the game was over. The Red Wings won! Scott and Keldon went out to the car, while Amanda and I went to the Team Store. I bought them each a t-shirt to thank them for asking me (I could not have afforded those tickets) and bought myself one as well. On the way out, we found a last photo op.

Getting out of there (even though we were on the fifth level parking deck) was fairly quick (nothing like the hour it took Vicky to get out of the Fisher Theater parking structure).

When we got to their house, I didn't go in. I told Scott and Keldon goodnight (it was almost 11:30 p.m. and he wanted to get Keldon to bed since he had school tomorrow). Amanda and I made our goodbyes and she demanded I send her a text when I got home.

I got home just after midnight, sent the text and went to bed.


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Thanks Amanda and Scott for giving an old man a great evening out, with out any injuries.

  2. It was a great time. But, no injuries? I dunno... I could hardly walk Tuesday morning from walking up and down those concrete steps to and from the East Club (with it's restrooms and food) and our seats way down in Row 9.

  3. That's not Amanda's fault......that's old age

  4. I hate to admit it, but you have a good point!