Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tuesday's Trials

It rained off and on Monday night into Tuesday. At times, the heavy thunder work me up.

I woke up on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. with the alarm. I threw on some clothes and took the trash out to the road.

It wasn't raining when the mail came, so I went out, got it and dragged the trash can back inside.

I got a check in the mail and, since I was already dressed, I drove it down to my bank. I went to deposit it into the ATM. But, when I did, the ATM said it couldn't read the check and please take it back. BUT NOTHING CAME OUT!!!

Eventually, it did spit my debit card back out. But I was afraid if I left to go into the bank, it might cough up the signed check to the next person in line. So, I backed up (so I could open the doors), blocked the ATM (there are two) and went inside.

Sidebar: Bear in mind I had no plans in going into the bank or a store, so I had my ratty, ripped up pants and a t-shirt on.

I stopped at the first occupied desk and said, "I need somebody to open the ATM up so I can get my check back!" The lady said, "I'm sorry, but we don't service the ATM's!"


She asked if I wanted the customer service number for the ATM company. I asked her if she would call for me instead. She said, "Sure, no problem."  Thus began about an hour long ordeal. At first she went through the usual "If you want blah, blah, blah, press one." She finally got through to a person, explained the situation and then gave them all my routing numbers.

The bank president came over and asked me to please move my truck. She came outside with me to make sure none of my information was still in the screen. It wasn't.

Back inside, the ATM folks wanted to speak to me. I had to verify everything in my life, practically. Finally, they agreed to put the money in my account until tomorrow, when they next serviced the ATM.

I drove home extremely annoyed.

I took a two-hour nap in the afternoon and woke up to the alarm clock, again. Then I shaved, showered and got dressed.

Amanda and Keldon showed up at 4:30 p.m. This was the rain check from Sunday's missed dinner.

We went to Red Lobster (just down the road). I had my usual (the half order of shrimp linguine Alfredo, a Caesar salad and biscuits), Amanda got the shrimp scampi, a salad and a baked potato and Keldon got popcorn shrimp.

I took most of my linguine home in a box.

They dropped me off around 6:00 p.m. So, I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. Then I did some work on the computer until 8:00 p.m and NCIS. I watched that until 9:00 p.m., the a DIY show until NCIS New Orleans came on. After that was over, I went to bed

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