Friday, August 18, 2017


It started raining here around 8:00 a.m. It wasn't hard and didn't last more than a couple hours. I checked the gauge and I only picked up a quarter inch. Sigh...

But, after lunch (another tomato sandwich), it started raining again. This time it was a little harder and lasted longer. When the sun came back out, I checked the gauge again and I had picked up a total of just over an inch! That's what I'm talking about!!!

I spent some of the afternoon on the toy box. I got the veneer edging put onto the back. That was the hardest part, due to the curves (it's hard to keep even heat with a flat iron on a curve). It was also the longest run of edging. Since you can only heat up about six inches at a time before you have to stop and rub it with a smooth block of wood, it takes time.

I ate the rest of the sweet corn and brats for dinner.

Caley and I spent a quiet evening on the bed. She slept while I watched TV. That is, until the Saturday Night Live special came on. When I started laughing, she got up in disgust and went into the living room.

I went to bed after the Tonight show.

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