Monday, August 28, 2017

The Sunday story

I ate fruit salad for breakfast.

I ate fruit salad for lunch.

I ate an afternoon snack of (what else) fruit salad.

Sunday night, this is what I had left (bear in mind I took my largest Tupperware bowl, filled with fruit salad, to Scott and Amanda's house on Saturday).

I was sick to death of fruit salad!!!

Amanda and I agreed to meet her Mother at the Elks Club for bingo. At the last minute, her Mother bailed on us. but her cousin was going to meet us there.

I knew it started at 6:00 p.m., so I shaved and showered at 5:00. I was drying off downstairs when I heard the doorbell ring and somebody pounding on the front door. I put on my robe and went upstairs. It was Amanda, who said when I didn't answer my phone, she was worried about me.

Sidebar: Why do people like Amanda or Vicky worry so much about  me?

I told her she seemed a bit early and invited her in. She sat on the couch, playing with Caley, while I got some clothes on.

Sidebar: She and Caley get along much better than Caley and I. I don't know why...

So, when I was dressed, we left. She introduced me to her cousin in the parking lot, but I didn't catch her name (was it Katie? I dunno...)

So, I called her babe or kid all night long, LOL.

None of us won a goddamn thing.

Now, Amanda and I decided to go to dinner afterwards. But we were both broke. I had five dollars on me and she had $11.00. So we went to the Baskin Robbins on Merriman, instead. I got a cup of pistachio ice cream (first time I've had that in years) and she got chocolate ice cream with almonds, topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

She dropped me off at home and we said our goodbyes on the porch. Then I went inside, undressed and went to bed.


  1. was the fruit salad good?

  2. Yes, but it made way too much!!! And I cut the recipe in half.