Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Soggy Sunday

I woke up late on Sunday.

Sidebar: I guess I have officially become a night owl.

I had some coffee and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. I filled in the Blog post and then ate my pills.

Sidebar: I really like eggs. They are very versatile. You can eat them in so many ways! For example, I love various kinds of deviled eggs, although I haven't made them in years.

I shaved, showered and got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

I stripped the bed to start the Sunday morning chores. The sheets and pillow cases went into the washer and I moved on.

I had watered the snake plant in the living room and was winding the mantle clock when I heard a weird noise. So, I finished up and went to investigate.

The wash machine was on it's first rinse and the downstairs drain had backed up and left a big puddle of black water and toilet paper!

Sidebar: This used to happen almost yearly, back in the day when Jake and Carla lived here. The sewer guys said it was roots, growing into the clay pipes from the house to the road. They offered to replace the pipes for $6,700.00. But, I paid to have the maple tree up to be front cut down, ($400.00) instead. This seemed to have solved the problem for the last four to five years. But, here we go again...

I carefully (I thought) stepped around the puddle and opened the window to let the smell out (I'll pay for the air conditioning costs. It's hot out but I want the smell gone.) I shut the washing machine off. I grabbed the jug of bleach and carefully (I thought) stepped back. It was when I was walking across the clean tiles when I noticed I was leaving foot prints.

So, I went into the downstairs bath and rinsed off the bottom of my Crocs. I dried them off on a rag and went back upstairs. I gave it a half hour and checked on the puddle. It was gone (thank God), so I swept up the gunk and put it in the trash.

I took the broom and dustpan out back and hosed them off. I left them on the patio chairs to dry out.

Back inside, I poured all of the bleach (about half a jug) on the puddle site and let it set to disinfect the site.

I went upstairs, put on some long pants and headed out to the little grocery store and Beech Daly and Joy Road. I bought two more jugs of cheap bleach.

Sidebar: I am of the opinion that higher-priced bleach, like Clorox, adds nothing but cost to bleach.

Back home, I changed into shorts again. I used a one quart all-purpose container (that I bought for painting) and hot water from the downstairs bath to rinse away the bleach. The water went down the drain easily.

Which left me with a puzzle: Was this just a hiccup or a total blockage? I needed to know because my summer sheets were still in the washer. So, I bit the bullet and turned the washer back on. Then I dumped another half jug of bleach back on the puddle site.

I went upstairs and read until I heard the washer spinning out on the second rinse. I went downstairs and watched. The drain did make some gluggling noises, but no water came back up! So, I rinsed off the bleach again (and the rinse water went back down) and dumped the rest of the jug of bleach on the site.

I decided not to call the sewer guys until this happens again.

When the washer stopped, I rinsed off the bleach and put my sheets in the dyer.

It was already 4:30 p.m. so I decided to  make my Sunday supper. I cubed enough Yukon Gold potatoes to cover the bottom of the Dutch oven pot. I topped that with a bag of Dearborn brand sauerkraut. Then I put in a sliced up ring of Hillshire smoked sausage. I brought that to a boil and turned it down to low.

I got the bedding out of the dryer and made the bed. I gratefully laid down on the sweet smelling sheets.

I got back up a while later and dished out my dinner. Delicious!

I watched TV until after Saturday Night Live. Then I switched to reading until 2:00 a.m. when I went to bed.

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