Sunday, August 6, 2017


I woke up at 6:30 a.m. in Saturday. It was 50 degrees outside, but still 71 degrees inside the house.

I watched the morning news shows under the covers and drinking hot coffee. I finally got up and made two Eggo waffles for breakfast.

Sidebar: Yes, I admit it, I bought more.

Then I shaved, showered and got dressed in working clothes (t-shirt but long crappy pants). I was waiting until it got 70 degrees outside. The day's project was to work in the garage, cleaning it up some, and I refused to do that wearing a coat.

I finally gave up waiting on the temperature and went out at 11:00 a.m.

Let me set the scene. When I am working on a project, it is my habit to just toss the wood scraps over the compound miter saw (it sits out away from the wall to allow me access to the shelves and tools). Over time, this creates a pile of wood pieces too small to use, but too big to throw in the trash. I like to cut them up and (eventually) give them to my brother Carl to use as kindling for his fire place.

Sidebar: There are NO "before" pictures. I am too ashamed at letting this go so long.

So, I pulled the truck out to the road, then moved Amanda's wheels and tires and the trash can. I got some empty boxes out of the attic and got to work.

I worked steady for a couple of hours (I told you I was ashamed) then my legs needed a break. So, I made another cup of coffee.

Sidebar: The last time I went to Sam's Club, they didn't have my favorite (Caribou). I am not sure if they just had a late delivery or if they dropped the brand like Costco did. Either way, I am down to seven k-cups left and have to do something...

I sat on the porch bench and watched the neighborhood kids play.

As the coffee ran out, I remembered something else I need to do. I had (hopefully) fixed the porch rocker for this year but the screws looked ugly. So, I went in the downstairs closet and (eventually) found a can of almond spray paint.

Sidebar: Not sure how old it was, but the cap broke apart while I was trying to get it off.

So, I sprayed the rocker, let it set 15 minutes and sprayed it again. I let it dry and set it back in place.
Now, Amanda has somewhere to put her purse when we play porch monkeys.

I finally got off my ass and went back to work. About two hours later, I finished up. I had two and a half boxes of kindling for Carl, sitting on 3/4-inch boards (my garage doesn't leak, but when I pull the truck in after a rainstorm, the water ponds.)

I swept up all the sawdust I could, then blew it out with the air compressor nozzle and finally used the leaf blower on it.

Sidebar:For some reason, the leaf blower works better than the air compressor.

 I pulled the truck back in and gave up for the night.

Dinner was simple, but delicious. I had bought two beautiful bunches of beets, so I cut the tops of of them. I cut the greens and the stems into manageable sizes and steamed them. I added a splash of white vinegar and some salt and ate them all...


I watched some forgettable TV until bedtime.

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