Sunday, August 20, 2017

Road Trip!

As I said, I overslept on Sunday due to late night reading. So, I woke up at 8:30 a.m.! That normally wouldn't be a problem, but I was supposed to be picked up at 9:30. So, no Blog, no breakfast, just hustle, hustle, hustle.

I was drying off in the shower when I heard the phone ring in the bedroom (should have put it in my bathrobe pocket). Of course, by the time I got to it, Amanda had hung up. I tried to return her call, but just got her voice mail. I went back downstairs (with the phone, this time) to brush my teeth.

She called back to say she and her son were on the way. So, I got dressed and closed the bedroom door. Just as it clicked shut, the doorknob came off again. Now it's easy enough to put it back on if the door is open. But closed? All I managed to do was make the other end fall onto the bedroom floor!

The mechanism inside the door is square, so I figured all I needed was a wide blade flat head screw driver. But I couldn't find one!

Sidebar: My garage and back room are a mess (as regular readers would know) and I was rushing. It's out there, somewhere.

Finally, I had a brilliant idea. I took the doorknob off the linen closet door and used it to open the bedroom door.

Amanda showed up just then, so I left the doors open (please don't puke on the bed, Caley) to deal with later.

I climbed in the car, wished Keldon a happy birthday (he turned eight years old on Friday) and we headed out to Ann Arbor.

Twenty minutes later we we there and looking for the Natural History Museum on the University of Michigan campus.

Finding it was easy. Finding parking was not. We finally got a spot that said we needed a parking permit. So, Amanda went inside to get on while Keldon and I sat in the car, chatting. She finally came back, hung it on the mirror and we went inside.

It's a beautiful old building, BTW.

Admission was free, although they welcome donations.

The first floor was just the lobby and gift shop with a beautiful stairway up. Luckily, they had an elevator, albeit a freight elevator with pads on the inside walls.

The second floor (and biggest) was dedicated to dinosaurs and fossils.

The third floor was all about Michigan's animals, fish and birds, along with native Americans.

The fourth floor was the planetarium. We killed a little time on the third floor waiting for 12:30 p.m. and the next showing.

Sidebar: That was not free, but Amanda bought the tickets, so I don't know what it costs.

Finally, it was time and we filed in. I was used to planetariums at, say, Cranbrook. So this one was very small by comparison. It just had two curved, padded benches. But the show was very interesting, informative and entertaining. After the usual star show, there were two short films. One was about how a single meteor could have killed off the dinosaurs and the other about the inside of a black hole.

After that, we stopped at the gift shop, where Keldon bought a dinosaur with some of his birthday money. Then we left.

I was starving, so I suggested lunch. We went to a nearby Wendy's. I got the junior bacon cheeseburger and fries. Amanda got the junior bacon cheeseburger (no tomato) and the baked potato and Keldon got the kids cheeseburger, fries and some sort of a shake.

Then we headed home.

Amanda dropped Keldon off at her Dad's (they are going to a second birthday dinner tonight for those who couldn't make it on Friday night) and then me. We sat on the porch for a bit and relived the day's events. Then she left to run some errands and I went in to fix the doors. I put the linen closet door handle (rarely used) on the bedroom door and the worn out bedroom door on the linen closet.

Then I lay down (my legs were killing me). I fell asleep and had a nice nap.

When I woke up, I called my friend B___ to wish him a happy birthday and we talked for a while. Then I finally filled out the blog.

I heated up more of the sloppy joe mix and recreated Friday night's dinner for my supper.

I watched TV until it got boring and then went back to my book. I read until 1:30 a.m. Then I made myself got to bed.

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