Sunday, July 30, 2017

Saturday, in the park...

(and no, it was NOT the fourth of July - it was the 29th.)

I woke up around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. I made soft boiled eggs for breakfast. Next I shaved, showered and got dressed, and then headed out to Kroger's for a quick shopping trip. I didn't need much, just some cat food and dish detergent, so, it was in and out and I was headed back home.

About 11:00 a.m. Amanda pulled in and we were off on our latest adventure. We were originally supposed to go swimming, but my trip to Kroger's convinced me it was too damn chilly for that. After a few texts, we had decided to go fishing instead.

So, I loaded up my tackle box and fishing pole and we headed south on Telegraph, going damn near all the way to the end and the state park in Flat Rock.We stopped at a gas station just before the entrance and bought some night crawlers.

We walked (and walked) to a a spot she liked, but the steep incline and rocky surface proved a bit too much for me and she had to help me down. I couldn't stand on the rocks, so I ended up sitting down on the shore and fishing from there. Next time I will bring a chair. It was beautiful, though, and not too hot, with a nice breeze.

I had lots of activity (way more than Newburgh Lake) but never actually hooked a fish. But Amanda  caught two little ones!

I gave up after a couple of hours and she help me up and back to level ground and a park bench. I watched her fish until she was done and it was nice to sit in the sun. Then we made the long trek back to the car.

We grabbed some lunch at a restaurant called Pete's Place on the way back home.

She said her and Scot were having a bonfire that night and invited me over. I told her my legs were trashed and I'd have to pass. All I wanted to do was take a nap.

So, I got in a short nap and then called Carla to see how she was doing. I just got her voicemail. Then I called my daughter, Melissa, and we talked for a bit.

I checked on my gardens and found the container ones were dry. So, I watered them, this time mixing in some Mirical-Gro fertilizer. The herb garden and vegetable gardens were both still damp, so I left them alone.

But I did find a nice yellow summer squash, so that became dinner, sliced thin and sauteed in butter.

I watched TV until 11:00 p.m. and then went to bed.

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