Sunday, July 2, 2017

Finally Friday...

I know. I know... I say that a lot. Makes me think I am more than ready to retire...

It had sprinkled overnight, but nothing much to talk about. But it was hot and muggy on Friday.

I thought I had a lunch date, but that fell through. So, about 2:30 p.m., I went to Wendy's and got their pecan and apple salad. It was SERIOUSLY good.

Sidebar: As a foodie, I appreciated the mix of flavors. The candied pecans, the apples, the grilled chicken, a variety of greens and the dried cranberries mixed together with the pomegranate dressing was excellent.

Note to Carla: They put the pecans in a separate bag so you can add them or not.

I ate all the chicken figuring it wouldn't  reheat well. But I saved the rest for dinner.

Back home, I took a break. I was tired. I ae the rest of my salad fr dinner and watched TV on the bed until I fell asleep.

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