Monday, June 5, 2017


Forgot to mention this, but this happened over the weekend.

Sidebar: I always look at my change these days, especially if I get quarters back. Why? Well, when Vicky still worked with us, I came across one that had Puerto Rico on the back. So, I gave it to her. She put it in her pocket and said, "Thanks! My Dad gave me one last week." Now, had I known that, I would have kept it for myself. So, I keep searching for another one.

Anyway, after Kroger's and Westborn, I had some change. So, I looked at the quarters (nope) but then I noticed a penny that looked strange. It was pretty worn, so I got a magnifying lens. It was made in 1919!!!

Damn! I'm rich!!!

So, I looked it up online. It's worth 35 cents, LOL!!!

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