Wednesday, June 14, 2017


It wasn't as hot on Tuesday (high of only 84 degrees) but it was more muggy.

I had a side salad for lunch with raspberry vinaigrette. I didn't want anything hot. This time I brought a bottle of water as Livonia is still under a boil-water situation.

After work, I took the truck through the touch-less car wash next to the house. I drove it home and dried it off with my special truck towel.

Then I started to water all the container plants, front and back.

When the sun began to set, I dragged the hose to the vegetable garden and watered it for an hour. No sense watering it in direct sunlight and having half the water evaporate

A/C Update: Still over 80 degrees in the house and the A/C been running constantly for two days straight. Might need more freon (expensive these days). Since it was here when I got here, I have no idea how old the unit really is. So, I decided to give up on repairing it again and will call Scott Pace in the morning and buy a new one.

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