Monday, June 5, 2017

Sunday, SUNDAY!!!

(Who used to say that, anyway?)

I didn't sleep well Saturday night, so I gave up and got up at 5:00 a.m. (too early for even watching the news.) So, I made a cup of coffee and read in the living room. It was supposed to rain overnight, but I saw no evidence of that here in Redford.

Sure enough, when the news came on, the forecast had changed from slight risk of thunderstorms to spotty showers. No rain here at all...

I made and ate a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast. I was hungry, so I completely forgot to take a picture of it! My bad!

I did all the usual Sunday morning chores and then shaved showered and got dressed. Then I headed out to Home Depot to buy my veggies and hanging planter flowers.

Sidebar: I don't know about your Home Depot, but here they have a LOT of workers from a greenhouse, rolling around these tall carts (taller than the ones we used on the BPS project at Spacely Sprockets). They are constantly restocking plants, watering stuff, etc.

So, anyway, when I pulled in, one of the women was bent over, watering the lower shelves of one of the carts. She had a really cute butt and, because she was bent over, part of her crack was showing.

I thought, "Hmmm." Then I thought, "Stop it! You leave that young girl alone! You are becoming a dirty old man, you creep!"

So, I went and got $64.00 in veggies and flowers. Sounds like a lot, but I'm going minimal this year. For example, I usually plant six tomato plants. I'm doing four. I want to see if I have been over-planting in the small space I have, resulting in poor harvests.

On the way out, I passed the watering woman, bent over again. She was at least in her early 40's, so I no longer felt like a dirty old man, more like an admirer of feminine beauty.

On the way home, it finally started to sprinkle. So, I left the truck outside, went in and treated the cat (of course). Then I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and did the last load of the weekend wash.

It finally quit raining around 11:30 a.m. so I went out back.

I filled up the three hanging planters with dirt. I had enough left over to fill the pot I painted red last year, so I set that out up front.

Here's where I screwed up. I "thought" I bought a flat of impatiens (which do well in shade - like my back yard). But, I discovered I bought begonias by mistake! I planted them anyway. We'll see how they do...

I had six left over, so I put them in the red pot. I still need something tall in the back and something droopy in the front to complete the look.

I took out all the veggies and put them on the patio, where I watered them. My back was hurting, so I decided to forego planting them today. Instead, I went inside, washed up and took a long nap.

Victoria sent me an email with a picture she had taken (that I never saw before) reminding me that exactly two years ago we were all in Puerto Rico.

What a time I had!!! I sent her a reply, asking her if she had the time to go back. Didn't get a response yet.

I ate half of the ham steak, an ear of sweet corn and some Bush's beans for dinner.

I read in the living room until bedtime.



  2. @ GPF: You may have a point...
    @ Jyl: Thanks! Now I know!