Thursday, June 8, 2017

Road Trip - Day One

Wednesday was a little warmer in the afternoon, but still chilly in the morning. So, I wore a coat, but left it in the car at lunch.

I had a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes and a cup of soup for lunch, then took a nice drive through Hines Park.

After work, I picked up Amanda and we went to check out a couple of cars that were posted on Craig's list.

Sidebar: Her old man was working and she didn't want to go alone in case the sellers were ax murderers.

We checked out one in Livonia. Nice clean car, but too many miles and needed shocks and struts.

So we drove to Ypsilanti and checked out a Saturn. We took it for a test drive and she fell in love with it (it is a nice car). She gave the guy a deposit and got a receipt. We agreed to come back on Thursday after she gets the rest of the money from the bank and complete the purchase.

I got home around 7:00 p.m. I was tired, so the only thing I did was sweep the kitchen floor (I had tracked in dirt yesterday after the planting).

I warmed up the last brat and sweet corn for dinner.

I watched a little TV, but went to bed early.


  1. Which Saturn? The Aura is really a nice vehicle.

  2. It is a 2008 Saturn Aura with 110,000 miles on it. A few bumps and scrapes outside, but the inside is immaculate.