Saturday, June 3, 2017

Finally Friday

Sidebar: I know I use that title a lot. But, at my age, lol, that's how I feel.

I forgot to mention, I was supposed to have Scott Pace coming out at noon on Friday and fix my air conditioner. It didn't turn on a couple of weeks ago when it was up in the 80's. He had called me back on Wednesday. He asked me if I had actually went outside and listened to see if the compressor was on. I said, "No, I just looked and the fan wasn't turning."

He suggested doing that and, if the compressor was on, sticking something on the fan and turning it by hand. He said older A/C fans sometimes seize up over the winter. Otherwise, he's see me today.

Sidebar: It's a Carrier and was here when I first started renting the place.

Well, as you know, I was playing bingo on Wednesday, so I didn't get a chance to try it. But Thursday night, I did. I heard the compressor running when I turned it on, so I pushed the fan blade with a thin wood stick (I was afraid of using a screwdriver and accidentally damaging the fan blades if it did turn on). And, by God, it turned on!!!

So, I called him to cancel our appointment, saving him the trip from Waterford and me $$$.

Note to self: Buy a cover for the damn thing and put it on in the Fall.

Anyway, back to Friday. It was a gorgeous day. We reached a high of 77 degrees here.

For lunch, I got a cheeseburger and a cup of chicken noodle soup (instead of fries). Then I went and got the truck washed.

It was a payday, so back home after work, I worked on the computer for a long while (paying bills, check register, To-Do list and a list of veggies and plants to buy on Saturday).

I could not find a single interesting thing to watch on TV, so I grabbed an old favorite DVD (Vanishing Point) and watched that. I ate more of the pasta salad for my dinner and decided to throw the rest away.

When the movie finished, I went to sleep.

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