Friday, May 26, 2017


It was chilly and raining on the way into work. And, it stayed that way all day.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch and got the almond chicken, with Won Ton soup and hot tea. Then I went to Lowe's. I bought the paint, rollers, etc., needed for painting the ceilings.

Sidebar: My daughter, Melissa, and her husband, Dave, have volunteered to come over on Saturday and paint the downstairs and kitchen ceilings. If you remember, they were coated with soot a couple of years back. Jake and Carla came back last year and wiped them down with those soot sponges. But, they still need to be washed with TSP and then painted with Kilz.

Now, what you don't know is that when I had the garage wall repaired, I had to put everything that was on the old wall (tools, painting supplies, etc.) in boxes and in the downstairs room. So, before I can wash the ceiling I have to find places for all this "stuff."

So, when I got home after work, I started moving things. I put the kitty litter, cat feeder and the water dish in the office, along with several boxes of stuff I need in the house. I moved the toy box from the garage to the living room for more room in the garage, then I started moving boxes.

I realized I did not have time to finish downstairs, much less clean out the kitchen (the little medicine bottles alone would takes hours to wrap and box up) and then wash the ceilings. So, I sent a text to Melissa, letting her know if they insist on doing this (which I appreciate), it would have to be another weekend.

I moved the cat stuff back downstairs so I didn't have to smell it. I was tired, so I ate the last piece of pizza and went to bed.

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