Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Then it was Tuesday...

Tuesday morning was cool, so I wore my jacket. But the sun heated it up and, by lunchtime, I just carried it out to the truck and left it.

I went to the Newburgh Grill for lunch and got a cup of bean and ham soup and a patty melt. Then I went to Lowe's and bought some light bulbs and a mop.

Back home after work, I attached the two-inch strip that will hold the hinges for the toy box lid.I filled in the nail holes with more stainable wood putty. I left that to dry overnight and pulled the truck back inside.

I baked a frozen pizza for dinner, after adding some banana pepper rings and more mozzarella.

I started watching the Voice to see who won, but fell asleep long before it ended.


  1. Yellow Iris you gave me are finally out, beautiful. I also have som deep purple on the bottom and beige.yellow on top. interesting

  2. Yes, they are. Glad you like them.