Monday, May 15, 2017


I woke up early on Saturday, without the alarm (3:30 a.m.). I read until the news came on and then watched that for a while.

I made scrambled eggs for breakfast. This time I didn't add a splash of Worcestershire (although I highly recommend that) or cook them soft (which I have grown to love as well). I cooked them hard and topped them with ketchup, like I ate them as a child. Different for me now, but tasted great.

Then I shaved, showered and got dressed. I needed to get the truck's routine maintenance done (should have done it last Saturday, but the cleaning lady was here).

Sidebar: It was an absolutely gorgeous Michigan morning...

I stopped at the corner gas station and filled up the truck at the more reasonable price and then went to Tamaroff Nissan at 12 Mile and Telegraph. All it needed this time was an oil change and tire rotation (and it didn't even need the rotation as the tires were brand new). But, I let them do it anyway...

I got there at 8:45 a.m. for a 9:00 o'clock appointment. I had brought a book, so I sat in the customer lounge, drinking free coffee, eating a free bagel and then drinking some free bottled water, reading my book.

They called me at 9:35 a.m. to tell me the truck was done, washed and outside with the keys in it. All I had to do was pay $62.82 and I was gone.

I got off Telegraph at 6 Mile Road and headed west. I stopped and Gorden Food Supply (GFS) and bought two new half sheet pans for $15.45.

Sidebar: I like to keep three on hand (they are handy) and wash them when I'm done. But if they get too grotty (is that a word?) I just pitch them. They are too damn cheap (at least now while I still have a job) to give a shit about.

Next I went to Westborn and got five sweetcorn (smaller than I'd like - Florida crap. Not like the foot-long Michigan sweet corn in August), a huge hot house tomato from Alberta, Canada (I pictured Canada Cathy, back in the day and had to buy it -  ah, memories...), some brats from Dearborn Sausage Company and a way too expensive Porterhouse steak.

Sidebar: We have two beautiful weekend days coming up and I need to grill!!!

I left the truck outside after unloading it. I had work to do.

So, I treated the damn cat and changed clothes.

I went back in the garage and cut two pieces of a used 2x4. Since it was used (it had rough holes in it where it was screwed to something), I used the palm sander to clean it up. Then I muscled the toy box back downstairs and set it on the 2x4's.

Before I started working on it (I need to fill in all the nail holes with stainable wood putty) I had to find the nail set I just bought.

Sidebar: With the air gun, not all the nails go below the wood surface. I think I must flinch or something.

I searched high and low but could not find it!!! Dammit!!!

I was pissed, tired and disgusted. So, I laid in bed, reading until I took a nap.

It was getting late so I decided to grill on Sunday. I sat on the patio, reading, until it got dark.

I went inside and watched a couple of taped TV  shows and then went to bed.

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