Saturday, May 20, 2017

Finally Friday

Friday was overcast and chilly.

I went to Lowe's at lunchtime and bought most of the herbs I needed for the garden. Unfortunately, they did not have any flat leaf parsley (this happened last year at Home Depot, BTW).

Sidebar: I don't get it. Tons of curly parsley (which is just a garnish) but no flat leaf (or Italian) parsley!

Back home after work, I put the herbs in the garage (I'll plant them this weekend). I treated the cat and changed clothes.

I raided the freezer and made a chicken pot pie with a side of sweet corn for dinner.

My daughter Melissa called and we talked for a long time.

I started watching TV but fell asleep during the show I had turned on.


  1. John, you can have flat leaf parsley delivered to your doorstep:

  2. LOL! No, I don't want to eat it right now. I want to PLANT it. But, thanks for thinking about me...