Monday, April 10, 2017

Then it was Sunday...

I woke up late on Sunday (I didn't set the alarm). I had two soft boiled eggs for breakfast with my pills including my new one (the doctor gave me samples while I wait for the prescription to be filled)

Sidebar: I had diarrhea all day, I assume for the new prescription. Nice...

I did all the Saturday errands Sunday morning. After I shaved, showered and got dressed in my "town" clothes, I headed out.

I went to Kroger's, Costco and finally Home Depot. I grabbed two hot dogs on the way out and ate them in the truck.

Back home, I left the truck outside and unloaded it. Then I locked it and left it out there with the windows cracked open.

Sidebar: It was very warm today (high here was 74 degrees). I wore my jacket on my errand run but didn't really need it. It was also very windy. The wind was coming from the south-southwest. So, I opened the only window that faces south in my house (downstairs) and the one over the laundry tub (west). Then I opened my bedroom window (which faces north) to air out the whole house.

I stripped the bed and started the second load of the weekend wash. I mixed up some coleslaw and let that get happy in the fridge for dinner. Then I changed into my work clothes. I went out to the garage, opened the door and got the sawhorses set up. I spent the next five hours making all the jigsaw cuts on the toy box.

Sidebar: I hate using a jigsaw, BTW. There is too much vibration to hold an accurate line, so you have to clamp the snot out of the piece you are cutting. Set up for each cut is a bitch!

But I finally got them all cut and rough sanded. I put away all the tool, got the sawdust out of the garage and the truck back in.

I took a break for a half hour, reading in the living room with my feet up. My legs were killing me.

The I lit the charcoal chimney. While that was heating, I remade the bed.

When the charcoal was ready, I grilled a boneless rib eye steak. It had a big piece of fat on it that I should have either cut off or sliced through each every inch or so, because it curled up.

While it was resting, I warmed up a can of Bush's Grilling Beans and mixed equal parts of horseradish and mayonnaise for a sauce. I put everything together and had a excellent dinner.

Then, I watched TV until bedtime.


  1. It was, but I prefer bone-in. I think you get a better flavor with that.