Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunny and warmer Sunday.

I slept pretty good and woke up at the normal time (5:15 a.m.) on Sunday. I stripped the bed and started the weekend wash. Then I made a cup of coffee and finished the Blog post.

I did the usual Sunday morning chores and then got started on making dinner. I had an eye of round roast in the freezer (it was a "buy one, get one free" and I had frozen the free one a while back) that I thawed on Saturday. So, I looked online (when in doubt, Google it!) and found a slow cooker recipe that I loosely followed.

Sidebar: Did I have any Marsala wine? Nope. Do I ever use packaged dry beef gravy mix? Nope! Did I have any Yukon Gold potatoes on hand? Nope, just small, sprouting Russet potatoes. You can see what I mean by "loosely."

So, I peeled and diced six small Russet potatoes and put them in the round slow cooker.

Sidebar: I like to match the size of the protien I'm cooking to the size of the slow cooker. I think the flavors infuse more that way. This was a small 3-pound roast so it will just fit in the round slow cooker.

Also, I always spray the inside of the slow cooker with canola oil. Not for any flavor boost, just for easier cleanup.

Then I peeled and cut two carrots into chunks on the bias. Next I diced two stalks of celery and finally peeled and quartered two small yellow onions. Those all went into the slow cooker and I stirred them with a wooden spoon.

Note: I have never seen that in a recipe but, again, I feel that the flavors mix better than when you just layer the veggies. But, that's just me...

On a paper plate, I mixed together a teaspoon each of the following dried herbs and seasonings: paprika (I used smoked), oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and ground black pepper.

I took the roast out of the packaging, cut cross-hatched lines through the minimal fat cap, rinsed it and then patted it dry with paper towels. I put all sides and both ends into the seasoning/herb mixture and put the roast on top of the veggies.

Instead of the one cup of beef broth and dry beef gravy mixture, I added a 14.5 oz can of beef broth. I also added two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce (instead of the Marsala wine) and a bay leaf (also not called for).

Note: I poured the broth on the side of the low cooker, rather than washing the seasonings off the roast.

My only regret was that I didn't have any fresh or canned mushrooms. I think it would have added an nice earthy flavor.

I turned the slow cooker on low and noted the time (I need to cook it for eight hours).

The wash machine had been off for a while, so I went and put the bedding in the dryer.

Then, I went and watched more of the Sunday morning news shows.

I finally got off my butt and shaved, showered and got dressed. Then I headed out to Home Depot.

I couldn't find the Ryobi bar and chain oil I need for my electric chain saw.

Sidebar: Couldn't fin the chain saw either. Did they stop carrying it? Did I buy it at Lowe's? I dunno...

I did get the countersink drill bit I need for the toy chest, along with the plugs to fill in the holes. However, they only had oak. If she stains it dark, it should be okay. I'll ask her tomorrow.If not, Ill see if I have a 3/8 pine dowel (or buy one) and make them myself.

I also bought the insulation I need for the garage wall along with a hammer tacker.

Sidebar: I already have one from way back when I insulated the apartment I built over the garage on 24 Mile Road. But, I don't have any idea on how to find it! Which is why I bought the insulation. It's really waaay past time to get the garage back in shape!

If and when I do find it, I'll give the new one to Vicky and keep the old one for the memories...

On the way back, I stopped and filled up the truck. It cost me $2.39 a gallon, which seemed high. Not sure when gas went up (again).

Back home, I left the truck outside, unloaded it, treated the cat and changed from town clothes to working clothes. I hopped on the computer to record today's purchases in my homemade Excel check register and then went to work.

I opened the garage door for the light. When I realized how warm it was, I quickly went back in the house and opened the bedroom window and the downstairs window to air out the house.

Before I got to work, I changed out the winter wreath for the spring one.

Winter wreath

Spring wreath

Then I set up the saw horses and used my six-foot level to mark the first cut.

It took four tries on junk plywood to get the hang of the track saw that Jake and Carla gave me as a present. But, I finally got it (biggest tips I can give you: Good side down and GO SLOW! That definitely keeps the splintering to a minimum.)

Track Saw in action!

I cut up as many pieces as I could, but realized I'd screwed up when I made my plan. I need more wood! That sucks!!!

I went inside to use the bathroom and realized it was 4:30 p.m. So, I turned the slow cooker to warm and went back in the garage.

I put everything away for the night. I couldn't believe how much sawdust the track saw throws (next time I'll hook it up to the Wet-Vac). So, I pulled the truck back and onto the road. Then I got my leaf blower and blew as much sawdust as I could outside.

I pulled the truck back inside and buttoned everything up for the night.

I washed up and shook the sawdust of my clothes Then I addressed my Sunday supper. I took the roast out and put it on a platter. Then I used a slotted spoon to dig out the veggies.

I strained the au jus into a pot and turn it on high. I mixed up some corn starch in cold water and when the au jus was boiling, I slowly whisked it in until it thickened. I plated my dinner with the roast and the veggies and topped it with a splash of my gravy. I added a pat of butter on top of the veggies and dug in.

Result? The gravy and veggies were perfect. The roast tasted fantastic, but it seemed way too tough. Either I did something wrong, or the eye of round roast is a tough piece of meat.

I watched the end of the news and then switched to reading. I read until an early bedtime. I was tired...


  1. John, Dinner looks great. Re: your Ryobi You did buy it at Home Depot. Ryobi is sold only at the Depot.

  2. Dinner looked great, but roast was tough. I looked online and the eye of rounds is a very tough meat. Only way to make it right is too roast it in a 500 degree oven!

    Yes, I checked. They no longer carry the electric chain saw, but do sell the oil. Next trip there, I'll pick some up.