Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rainy days and mondays...

It rained off and on all day Monday. Not hard (thank God - we don't need more rain right now) but more like a drizzle.

I went and got a bowl of chicken noodle soup for lunch.

I spent most of my free time at work planning everything I would do after I got home (clean the house, do my taxes, etc.) Instead, when I really did get home all I did was to assemble the trash for Tuesday's pickup. After that, I said, "To hell with it!" and took the night off.

I solved (or at least mitigated) my tough roast beef issue by cutting each slice into one-inch cubes. I put them in a pot and dumped the gravy over them. I brought that to a boil and let it simmer until the news ended (so a couple of hours)

Then I warmed up some of the veggies in the microwave and dumped some of the beef and gravy on top. Much better!

Sidebar: I still will never put an eye of round roast in a slow cooker again!

I watched some of the Red Wings game and then went to bed early.

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