Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earth Day

It was a little chilly Saturday morning. I got cleaned up and headed out for a 9:30 a.m. haircut.

After that, I spent $33.00 at Kroger's, mostly restocking. I made the mistake of leaving the list on the kitchen table, so I tried to remember it.

Sidebar: I suck at remembering things these days...

On the way back home, I filled up the gas tank in the truck at the corner gas station. Then I ran the truck through the automatic car wash.

I left the truck outside to drip-dry while I unloaded the groceries. Then I finished drying it off with a towel.

As I put the groceries away, I checked them off the list. I forgot an English cucumber and some cherry tomatoes. Dammit! Oh, well, I'll run over to Westborn Sunday morning.

I changed into work clothes. It was sunny, but still cool out. So, I added one of the Dickies work shirts Jake gave me to my normal t-shirt. Fit nice and felt good.

Then I started drawing fixtures I will need to make the toy box (it's time). When you build stuff alone, it's sometimes a problem. I really need somebody to hold things while I nail or screw them together, but I hate to bother people to ask them to help.

I celebrated Earth Day by cleaning out the herb gardens.

Sidebar: Back in St. Clair, most of the herbs came back year after year. Here it's iffy. The sage is coming, but nothing else looks alive. It might be because they are in a raised bed. I dunno.

Back inside, I started making more pasta salad.

Sidebar: That worked out great for leftovers, unlike the potato salad. Both tasted great when I made them. But, the potato salad went nasty after two days. Mayo does not hold up well.

I tried something different today. I bought a bunch of asparagus, found their breaking point and then cut the good parts into bite sized pieces.  Then I blanched them in boiling water for four minutes (they were fat). I put them in an ice bath to shock them and stopped the cooking process, drained them and put them in the fridge.

I boiled a pound of tri-colored rotini. I drained that and cooled it off with water, twice. That went into the fridge as well.

I diced a green bell pepper and a red one. Then I cut up a bunch of green onions. I threw all that into the pasta as well as the asparagus. I added half a bottle of Kraft Italian dressing and a can of sliced black olives then stirred it up. Now all it needs is the cucumber and cherry tomatoes and I have dinner for the week!

Speaking of food, I was hungry. So, I warmed up a can of Bush's baked beans. I added a tab of butter (I like butter on beans - I don't know why) and ate them watching the 1968 movie, Hell Fighters, with John Wayne (another old favorite).

I went out into the garage and made my fixtures.

I cleaned the sawdust out of the garage and pulled the truck back in for the night.

I washed the glass tops in the living room and read in my chair until I was tired of it. Then I went and played on the computer until bedtime.

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