Thursday, March 16, 2017


Wednesday was the worst day this week for cold. With the stiff wind, the wind chill was below zero here.

I dropped the truck off at Belle Tire just after 8:00 a.m. Courtney followed me and drove me back to work. About two hours later, Chad (from Belle Tire) called and said they checked the alignment and it was off a bit. So, I had them fix that as well.

It was a little after 11:00 a.m. when Courtney drove me back there. They had knocked off $20.00 because of where I work (I appreciate that) but it still cost me $1,033.07!

I went to Time Out for lunch. I got one of the daily specials. It was an egg, ham and cheese sandwich on toasted bread. I got a cup of creamy mushroom soup instead of the fries. I liked the soup better than the sandwich, but b other were interesting.

On the way back home after work, I noticed these tires ride rougher than my old ones

I was getting a drink of water at the kitchen sink when I saw a squirrel pop out of the birdseed can! Apparently the falling tree knocked the lid off. My first impulse was to go out and put the lid back on. Then I realized the tree had fallen before all the snow, so the seed was damp. It would just mold. So, I left it or the squirrels to clean up.

Jake called to find out how the tire situation went. We chatted a bit about work.

Jerica called to tell me they had moved into their house and that she emailed me their new address. We chatted for along time about a wide range of topics.

I ate the rest of the pizza for dinner.

I didn't feel like watching TV, so I read until bedtime.

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