Thursday, March 9, 2017

Wednesday, winging it!

I got up with the alarm and watched the weather. We were under a strong wind advisory today (not good).

I decided to leave the bedroom door open for the cat (I close it while I'm at work to avoid hairballs on the bed). So, I thought I would wash the sheets so they'd be fresh and clean when I got home. I left a big blanket on the bed as the hairball catcher.

I loaded up the washer and shaved showered and got dressed. I put the last of the toiletries in the suitcase and went to put the sheets in the dryer. That's when I noticed the washer conked out again! The sheets had never even drained, much less spun. I was pissed! I decided to deal with it when I got back.

I left for the airport in plenty of time, found a parking space and went into the terminal.

I went to the kiosk to check in. It asked me if I wanted to upgrade to first class for $55. Forget the snacks and the drinks, two hours of more leg and elbow room was well worth it.

It instructed me to insert my credit card, but it wouldn't go in. Hmmm, I thought. Was there a chip slot. I bent over to look and saw another credit card was in there. So, I pulled  it out. When I looked back up, the screen read, "Thank you for your payment" and started printing out my tickets.

So, when I checked my bag, I explained to the man that I found this credit card stuck in the machine. He immediately paged the woman. I asked if he could reverse the charge and let me pay it with my credit card. Unfortunately, he said that was impossible. So, I told him when she came back for her credit card to tell her I said thanks.

Sidebar: I also found out I had NOT upgraded to first class for the Detroit to Charlotte two-hour flight, but rather the 49 minute hop from Charlotte to Columbia!

The early flight up to altitude was very rocky due to the wind gusts, but it went smoothly after that.

While I was waiting in Charlotte for the next flight, I sent Courtney a text. She had asked if I wanted her to anything at the house while I was gone and I initially said no. But I asked her if she would swing by the house on Thursday (after the winds died down) and make sure that no heavy branches had fallen on the roof. She said no problem.

The flight to Columbia was short, but nice. I declined the tray of snacks but did get a ginger ale.

When I landed, I sent the obligatory texts and fetched my suitcase. I sent Jake a text that I was outside and he drove up in less than a minute, before I could really enjoy sitting on the park bench outside, in the sunshine and warmth!

Sidebar: Jake was concerned that I might not be able to get in his truck (it doesn't have running boards). I assured him I can get into Vicky's truck (no running boards either) easy enough and that I learned the trick by watching very short Puetro Rican women climb in.

We chatted and caught each other up on the drive back. When we got to the house, something smelled great! I said hello to Carla and Whiskey (although not in that order) while Jake carried my suitcase upstairs.

I started unpacking stuff and getting my room in order. I sent Victoria a text, letting her know I was in the house.

Sidebar: Bear in mind, I had sent her texts from the DTW, Charlotte and finally Columbia airports. But, it's some kind of Puetro Rican thing. She specifically needs a text when I am "in the house."

Carla wanted no help with dinner. At one point when she added something to the skillet, she told me to go outside as it would be too spicy inside. She was right, I could smell it deep in my lungs before I could hit the door!

We sat down to dinner when it was ready. It was fried pork belly mixed with kimchi and a variety of Koren spices. It was served over white rice mixed with toasted black sesame seeds and topped with sauteed tofu and some kimchi on the side.

It was spicy, but tasted fantastic!!! I have been a kimchi virgin, but I really liked my first time.

We watched some TV, but opted for an early bedtime (which I supported - I was beat).

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep, so ready myself sleepy. Then I turned out the light and slept like a baby.