Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tuesday's Tale

Still wasn't feeling all that great, but went to work on Tuesday. But, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, on the toilet.

Sidebar: Since I wasn't throwing up, I don't think I have the flu or that nurovirus (sp). I think I just kept eating the chicken past it's time.

I got a bowl of cheesy potato soup for lunch.

Back home after work, I saw my neighbor, Rick, out picking up the winter's dog poop in his yard. So, I went out and apologized about the tree disappearing. He said it was no big deal, he was only going to cut it in four-foot lengths for his fire pit. He said he only burns maple wood in his wood burning furnace to keep the creosote down.

We talked about my ceiling painting and he said he'd send a guy over to give me a quote in the next week or so.

I made a frozen pizza for dinner, adding black olives and banana pepper rings, plus more mozzarella cheese. But, I couldn't even finish one piece of it.

I went to bed early.

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