Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tireless Tuesday

It was damn cold on Tuesday when I took the trash out to the road. I went to work with the wind just beginning to pick up. I had turned the four-wheel drive on to get up the driveway and out of the side street.

I left for lunch without my gloves, figuring I didn't need them just to go from the truck to the restaurant. The truck sounded funny, so I turned off the four-wheel drive. I glanced at the dash and saw the low tire pressure light was on. I stopped at Plymouth road and got out to look. I was driving on the rim!!!

Now, just across Plymouth is Belle Tire (much closer than going back down Market Street to my building). So, I manged to get across the road and into the tire store.

I tried to buy another tire, but the guy said they no longer make the ones I have on the truck. And, it is NOT recommended on a four wheel drive vehicle to put on a non-matching tire, so Belle Tire won't do it. They only thing they could do was to sell me four new tires.

Sidebar: I have just over 20,000 miles on these tires and they still have like-new tread!

So, I asked him to see if the tire could be repaired. If not, I asked him to just put on the spare and I'd take it to the dealer on Saturday.

I tried to call my boss for a ride back to work, but just got his voicemail. Courtney was not in today, BTW. So, I decided to walk back to work (it's not that far). And, that's what I did. But the damn wind was blowing hard, I didn't have my gloves and I did have my cane. Which meant I had to have at least one hand out of my pocket at all times.

I got back to work with icy hands and a runny nose. My boss, John, was there and said, "I just got your message. What's up?" I explained and he apologized (seems he left his phone on his desk while he went to the restroom).

I called the dealership and talked to the parts department. It came as no surprise when they said that tire had been discontinued and they couldn't help me. Sigh...

Meanwhile, Belle Tire called and said there was no way to fix the tire (sidewall was damaged), so they put the spare on it. So, we talked about replacement tires. He suggested I not go with the low cost solutions as they come and go and I might be in the same situation a year or two later. Four of the mid-grade Cooper tires would cost me $800+ but four higher-end Michelin tires (guaranteed for 3 years and/or 90,000 miles) would cost me just a grand. I went with the Michelin tires.

Sidebar: If I only notched 20K miles in three years, I'll be long dead before the new ones wear out.

My boss drove me back there and I got the truck back. They didn't charge me anything (they'll get their money back tomorrow, trust me).

It started snowing again in the afternoon.

When I drove home after work, I realized they hadn't reset the low tire pressure sensors.The warning light stayed on all the way there.

I retrieved the trash can and the mail. Then I went inside, treated the cat, changed clothes and settled in for the night. I watched the news until 7:00 p.m. and then went in search of dinner.

I dug out a small pizza from the freezer. I added banana peppers and more mozzarella and then baked it.

I let it rest a bit and then used the pizza wheel to cut it in fours.

This is how I cut carbs!

I ate that watching the end of Jeopardy. After that, I watched NCIS and then a two hour episode of NCIS New Orleans. I was bushed, so after that, I went to bed.

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