Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I started going downhill on Sunday. I just didn't feel that good. I went out to fill the bird and squirrel feeders. I did that and then decided to cut up the fallen tree. I got out my little electric chainsaw and set it on the bench while I got the oil. My neighbor called out to me (he and a buddy were sitting on his deck, but I didn't notice them) and said, "Hey, I'll cut that up if I can keep the wood." I said, "Sure!"

I put everything away and went inside. I started sweeping the kitchen floor. I got that done and did all the usual Sunday chores, but I was dragging it. So, I went and laid down on the bed.

Other than bathroom trips, I stayed in bed the rest of the day.

I threw the rest of the chicken away, just in case. I made a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup for a late lunch/early dinner. I washed the pan and went back to bed.

It was a very unproductive day...

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