Monday, March 13, 2017

Stuck in the Snow!

With this damn Daylight Savings time, I'm not sure exactly what time I really woke up on Sunday morning. I had another toasted English muffin with orange marmalade for breakfast.

It was cold outside and then it started snowing. At fist it was just sticking to the top of the fences and the rooftop. but melting on the grass. Then it started sticking to the grass as well.

Whiskey was intrigued, watching it out the window. But when Jake took her outside, she did NOT want to step in it.

While he was out there, Jake made a little, tiny snowman.

Jake and I were going to leave at noon to take me to the airport. That would give us time to eat lunch (Jake said he has been craving a buffalo chicken sandwich). But, when he checked the airport, he found my flight from Columbia to Charlotte had been canceled, due to weather conditions!!!

Not knowing who to talk to (Expedia, where I booked it or American Airlines, the carrier) Carla called Expedia and I called the airline (or maybe it was vice versa). The wait time on the call was about 30 minutes, BTW. The whole eastern seaboard was affected by the storm.

Expedia said to talk to American Airlines. American Airlines said there was nothing they could do. No, they wouldn't pay for ground transportation for Columbia to Charlotte (they did that once for me, but I was at the airport). They did have one more flight to Detroit today. But that left at 7:30 p.m. with the layover in Washington D.C. and got into Detroit at 12:30 a.m.

Carla suggested taking a Monday morning flight, but Jake nixed that idea.

In the end, Jake said he would drive me to Charlotte to catch the next flight. It's about and hour and a half one way. I didn't like that idea, because it didn't seem right to take three hours out of his day off. But it is as hard to argue with Jake as it is Carla so, in the end, that's what we did.

Goodbye Carla. Goodbye Whiskey. Goodbye buffalo chicken sandwich... We threw the suitcase in the car and headed out.

The snow was done, the sun was out and, if it wasn't for the fact that I was screwing Jake over, it was a pleasant drive. I got to the Charlotte airport  about the time I should have been at the Columbia airport.

I got the ticket at the kiosk, made it through security and had about two hours to kill. So, I went to get some over-priced lunch. I went to the Burger King I knew of, but the line was long. So, I took a chance with a French-inspired food counter right next to it called Brioche Doree.

I got a simple sandwich. It was Prosciutto and mozzarella with grape tomatoes and basil on a six-inch baguette. They heated it, so everything was nice and gooey. It cost me $9.00, but it was delicious!

I waited at my gate, reading my book. The plane was there, but not the crew. So, we boarded about a half hour later that we should. But, finally, we took off and then finally we landed and I was back in the D. I retrieved my suitcase and then the truck and headed home.

I treated the cat and went into the garage to plug the garage door opener back in. I was plugging it in when I remembered I had rerouted the cord when I got the fuse box replaced. So, when I thought I was foiling the bad guys, I had really just unplugged the compound miter saw, LOL!

I let Vicky know I was "in da house" and then unpacked my suitcase. I fiddled with the wash machine and finally got it to spin out. I changed all the clocks. I was beat, so I didn't wait for the sheets to dry. I just put on another set and went to bed.


  1. Sad snowman.....
    glad you had a good trip, even with the fluke at the end.
    Welcome Home.....and hey, no buddy stole the unplugged compount miter saw. that's a blessing

  2. Hey, that's a big snowman for SC! It was a good visit. And, yes, nobody stole my saw, LOL!