Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday's Stroll

I woke up early Saturday morning. I stayed in bed reading until I heard somebody stirring, then I went downstairs.

We settled on good old-fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.

Then I shaved, showered and got dressed.

Jake, Whiskey and I piled into the car to go for a walk. We went to the Clemson Scientific center (behind the farmer's market (empty this time of year) and walked around several small lakes on hiking trails.

Sidebar: One of the lakes had a sign warning against going too near the lake or (God forbid!) swimming in it. It seems that's where they put rescued alligators! I didn't see any, but I didn't get that close!

It was a nice stroll, with occasional other dog walkers and joggers. The rolling hills, although they looked easy enough, were hard on my knees.

We dropped Whiskey back home and did another Kroger run. I asked Jake, while he was picking up the few items he needed, if he minded that I grabbed a couple more books (I read all the ones I brought). He said no problem.

So, I went and got a couple and went through the self-checkout machines. I started walked out to the truck (figuring he was done) when I realized I didn't have my cane. Dammit!

I went back inside, figuring I'd left it on the book rack. It wasn't there! Just then Jake showed up to check out. I told him of  my problem and he suggested maybe I left it in the truck and walked in without it.

After he paid, we went out to the truck. We unloaded our purchased, but no cane!!!

Back in the store, I went to the courtesy counter. There were three people in front of me, so I asked Jake to double-check in the book aisle. It wasn't there! So, he started walking through the store, checking everyone's basket thinking somebody and found it and was going to give it to the checkout girl when they were done shopping.

Sidebar: He almost accosted an old man with a wood cane in his basket. But, he realized at the last minute it wasn't mine. Mine is distinctive. It has the words "Michigan Livestock Exchange" wood-burned into it.

Meanwhile, I though maybe I'd left it at the self-check out kiosk, but I didn't want to get out of line. Wehn my turn finally came, I asked if anybody had turned in a cane. He pointed to a bucket with a few canes and umbrellas in it. I said, "No, none of those. It was wood." He asked when I lost it and I said, "10 minutes ago." He said nobody had turned in one today.

I caught up with Jake and suggested we search the self-checkout aisle. So, we did. No cane! I said, "Where's Kelly?" He said, "Who's Kelly?" I said the short girl with the long hair and great legs who was watching the kiosks and helping people who needed it.

He said,"Oh, I know who you mean, now." But we couldn't find her, either! She finally came back from wherever she was and I asked he if she had seen a cane.  She said, "Sure, I put it behind the desk for safe-keeping." So, she handed me the cane and we walked back to the truck.

On the way back, Jake said, "So, how did you know her name was Kelly?" I said, "Um, it was on her gold name tag?" That boy does not look at women, other than Carla, LOL!

Sidebar: That probably seems like a lot of fuss over a stupid cane, and I do have more canes at home, but I've had that one for over 20 years...

Back home, I changed into something more comfortable. It was chilly and overcast today. It was okay if you were, say, walking outside. But unpleasant if you were just sitting outside.

Carla was taking an online test and Jake was doing some reading for one of his classes so I started reading one of my new books.

I did a load of laundry after Carla finished (I didn't want to disturb her). Carla told me to go upstairs and take a nap when I started dozing off watching TV with her in the afternoon. So, I did.

We ate the left over pulled pork, coleslaw, potato salad, hush puppies and gizzards for dinner, along with the fried okra I forgot to mention yesterday.

We watched some TV and stayed up late! It was almost 9:30 p.m. when we finally called it a night.


  1. I know you don’t mean anything creepy by it, but why do you have "Michigan Livestock Exchange" on your cane. Just curious.

  2. Because it's not really a cane. It's a short shepherd's crook, used to herd or control sheep or goats. They passed them out years ago, as some kind of advertisement. Not sure I remember where I got it. Probably something my dad had at the farm. Or maybe I bought it at an antique shop. I dunno...