Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pączki Day

It was raining on the way into for on Tuesday. It was Pączki Day here in Michigan.

Sidebar: It's also called Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday elsewhere.

Somebody brought some in, so I ate one that was filled with apples. It was great!

The rain finally eased up and was just drizzling by lunchtime. Which was good because I had to pick up Amanda's toy box. There weren't that many customers at Time Out, so she ran out to her car and got it while I backed the truck up. We loaded it into the truck and she ran back inside. I stayed outside and covered it with visqueen. Then I strapped it down.

Finally, I went in and got a bowl of soup. The soup de jour was "Polish beef and potato." Never heard of that one, but it was pretty good.

When I got home, I got the trashcan back inside and proceeded to unload the toy box. I set it on my sawhorse table and started measuring it.

Sidebar: She wants me to cut off the hearts. They were cute when her son was a baby, but he is now eight years old. She said she would sand off the one painted on the front.

Right away there were problems!

First off, it's too short. A typical bench seat height is 17-19 inches. This one would be only 14 inches.

But the biggest problem is that its not real wood. It's pressboard covered with paper. So, she's not going to be able to sand it. And any cutting I do would have to be covered with a strip of self-adhesive veneer edge banding.

Well, that was enough for tonight. So, I went inside and changed clothes.

I remembered to take home Michelle's soup so I ate that along with a grilled cheese sandwich.

I watched NCIS but then went to bed.


  1. “It's pressboard covered with paper.”

    One of my local furniture dealers likes to call that “twas wood”, because “it was” wood at some point. It’s cute as is, though. Would it be less work to use its current shape as your template on new wood and just sell it as is (assuming she can’t use it for anything else)? Just curious.

  2. I like the "twas wood." No, it's sentimental, so I'll have to figure it out.

  3. I found pączki here for the first time but there was a warning on the box that they were "Flammable and/or a choking hazard." I chose not to take the risk.

  4. I never saw that warning up here near Hamtramck.