Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Monday Moanin'

I didn't feel that much better on Monday, so I sent a text to my boss, saying I was taking the day off. I didn't even shave or shower, just went back to bed.

Around noon, I heard all this commotion outside. Then I remembered that this was the day Jon Boy was cleaning out my gardens. So, I watched them for a while.They'd put a big tarp next to each garden and first blow then hand rake all the leaves and sticks on to the tarp.  They'd carry the tarp out to the truck and dump it. And then repeat.

In the back, guys were picking up the fallen branches. Then they got their chainsaw and cut up the tree! Not quite sure how to explain this to poor Rick.

They even picked up all the trash!!! Good job, guys!!!

Vicky called me from her work and we chatted for a bit. She told me she had more to say, but should get back to work and that she'd call me later, after work. So, she did. We talked for about an hour.

I made some Campbell's split pea with ham soup for dinner. I got all the trash assembled for tomorrow and then went back to the TV until bedtime.

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