Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

It was warmer still on Friday, St. Patrick's Day. But the weather was supposed to get bad around noon.

I went to Time Out for lunch. Dan had promised me that they would have a corned beef and cabbage platter. Since I didn't have any corned beef and cabbage in my slow cooker (I have learned the hard way that you are talking WAY too many leftovers), I figured this was as Irish as I could get today.

Sidebar: I did wear a green shirt...

I had to smile. Amanda had a plastic green bowler hat on, a green tie hung around her neck and two temporary tattoos (Shamrocks, one on her cheek and one just above the neckline of her shirt). She looked so cute, I asked her if I could take her picture. She said yes, so I did.

Sidebar: I didn't ask if I could post it here, so sorry.

My lunch came and it was HUGE!

Sidebar: As I have often complained, they always give you too much food (like Ten Yen). I can never eat it all. Sometimes I ask for a takeout box, but usually, I just let it go...

There was a huge whole redskin potato, half of a giant carrot, a big wedge of cabbage and it was all topped with thin sliced corned beef (the kind they make their Reuben's with).

It was delicious! I ate as much as I could without exploding. But I left about half of the potato, some of the carrot, a lot of cabbage and three or four strips of corned beef.

Sidebar: I could have finished the potato if I had just asked for a pat of butter. I learned that as a youngster. Whenever my Mother just served boiled potatoes, my Dad would get a pat of butter. He'd cut off a piece of the potato, pick up some butter with his fork, stab the piece of potato and pop it in his mouth.

I paid my check and was headed for the door, when Amanda showed up, demanding her hug. So, I hugged her and then left. BTW, her silly hat fell off during our embrace.

Sidebar: Lets talk about the hugging thing for a minute. I know it sounds like I'm hitting on a 29 year old kid, or she's sucking up to an old guy to get better tips. But it's not like that.

It started out a couple of months ago. I have to sit in the alcove where they have three regular tables. The rest of the place has high tops and they kill my knees. My old massage therapist, Margaret, who used to run restaurants, explained to me once that you can get more people in a space using high tops (which made/makes no sense to me).

Anyway, I was walking out along the short side of the bar, when Amanda came barreling around to get an order. I was on the right side, so I expected her to step left and continue on. Instead, she looked at me, gave a long pause, and then hugged me. I was freaked out!

Now, at my age, I've had a lot of hugs. Some of them were exuberant (Like my old cubical buddy Michelle or my new one Courtney, where they practically jump on you).

Sidebar: This is especially scary if you have a fused spine.

I also had a lot of lovely, friendly hugs (like Carla, Evy, Victoria and even Yanessa, who hugs my leg).

I've also had some sexy hugs (but its been a while and I am not naming names).

But this is more like a long, sweet, sad hug which I never understood until she mentioned that she had lost her Dad last year. I think I am a fill-in. Which I understand and is okay with me.

Sidebar: When I was just a kid I heard a Frank Sinatra quote that made sense to me and still does: "Whatever gets you through the night - booze, broads or religion." Personally, I prefer broads, but booze is easier to come by these days, LOL!

Anyway, from there I went and got the truck washed. Yes, I knew it was supposed to snow this afternoon, but I wanted to get the salt off the truck and clean the crap off the new tires.

It started snowing round 2:00 p.m.

Back home after work, the bedroom door was opened (it does that sometimes with temperature changes) and the damn cat had puked on the green blanket. I laughed (ha, ha!) and threw it in my restored washer.

I ate the rest of the pasta for dinner.

I was tired, so I dozed off watching TV. I woke up here and there and watched some of the news, a little bit of the Tonight show and some of the Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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