Friday, February 3, 2017


It was freaking cold on Thursday morning. I wore my pea coat instead of my leather coat and added gloves. I left my hat at home. It messes up what's left of my hair.

At least it wasn't snowing...

I forgot to mention I have been investigating my ManTray Birthday/Christmas present from Jake and Carla (a taste of the South in your mouth). Last night, I cut into the pepperoni roll and ate about half of it with some Triscuits.It was spicy, but excellent. Thanks, guys.

Today I brought in the bourbon barrel chocolate bar and ate about a third of that with a cup of coffee. It was very un-sweet (is that a word?) and tart but really good.

I had a call yesterday afternoon from Jos. A Banks that my pants came in. So, I went to Big Boy (next to the mall) for lunch (a cup of broccoli and ham soup and the Caesar side salad). Then I went to the mall to pick up my pants. I ended up buying two shirts that were on sale. Sigh...

Back home, after work, I did some minor cleaning chores. Then I watched the news until it ended.

I steamed the beet greens that I cut off the beets I bought.

Sidebar: Why is it you can buy just the greens from about anything EXCEPT beets?

I ate them with a splash of vinegar (like Mom made them) and some more of the pot roast for dinner.

I read until bedtime.


  1. Why is it you can buy just the greens from about anything EXCEPT beets?

    I heard they're mostly just thrown away. Perhaps you should start collecting and selling them...

  2. I agree! If you ever taste them, you would understand. They are amazing!!!

  3. John, have you asked your Forgotten Harvest Group what they do with them.