Saturday, February 11, 2017


It was a little warmer on Friday, so I just wore my leather coat. It was a little windy, early, but (thank God) no snow.

I went to Time Out for my usual Friday lunch: Fish and chips.

From there, I went to CVS on Newburgh Road for some Valentine's Day cards and one birthday card.
Next I went across the street and got the truck washed (the salt was getting on my clothes). It's not supposed to get bad again until Sunday.

Sidebar: My nephew Jim and his wife Deanna are hosting an 80th birthday luncheon for my brother Jim on Sunday. I reluctantly declined their invitation. I have trouble enough just driving the five miles to work in bad weather, much less driving all the way to Washington, Michigan, and back.

I am becoming a wimp...

Back home, I watched the news until I got hungry. I didn't have any leftovers, but with the cold weather, I thought some chili would hit the spot. However, when I checked the pantry, there was none, except for the hot, no beans chili I keep to make Jake's mac & cheese with chili recipe. Damn!

So, I settled for a can of Bush's Grilling beans.

Today was payday, so I used the computer to pay some bills, made my grocery list, etc. Then I watched taped shows until I fell asleep.


  1. That was the universe telling you chili mac was the better choice. Catch the eclipse?

  2. Didn't have any mac & cheese. Regarding the eclipse and the comet, too cloudy, here. Bummer...