Tuesday, February 14, 2017


It was chilly Monday morning, but it warmed up nicely.

My friend Michelle from Facilities dropped off two kinds of soup: Cabbage and dill pickle. I didn't see her (I was in the bathroom), so I sent her an email, thanking her. She wrote me back and said the cabbage soup was a riff of mine (well, my daughter Melissa's really). She said she didn't have any spicy V8, so she used half a bottle of tomato juice and have a bottle of Bloody Mary mix. Since this was going to be dinner for her and her husband, she threw in some sliced sausage as well. Sounds interesting!

The dill pickle soup sounds interesting as well. I think that's a Polish dish.

I went to Ten Yen for lunch. I wasn't that hungry, so I just got some won ton soup and an egg roll. Then I took a drive through Hines Park back to work.

Back home after work, I had planned on cleaning the house (I have sawdust tracked everywhere). But I started watching the news instead. My leg hurt.

I got a call from both my brother Joe and his wife, Kathy.

I made an executive decision that cleaning the house could wait.

I ate some more of the barbecue chicken sandwiches for dinner and went to bed early.


  1. Did you not have a dill pickle soup at some point? That sounds familiar.

  2. Yes, I've made it before. But, I suspect hers will be more authentic.