Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Monday, monday...

It was sunny and warm for most of Tuesday.

I went to Time Out and had a salad. That was a mistake. First of all, it was HUGE Then it was topped with a whole grilled chicken breast, crunchy crumbled bacon and hard boiled egg, cut in half. I couldn't eat even half of it, but I think I gained 10 pounds.

Michelle from Facilities brought me over some Pasta Fazole soup, but I forgot to take it out of the fridge and home! So, I made yet another smoked turkey sandwich for dinner and ate that along with some coleslaw.

I was looking through the TV guide for something interesting to watch when I came across a B movie called Machete starring Danny Trejo. It was pretty dumb with a lot of gratuitous violence. I loved it!

I went to bed at 10:00 p.m. when it ended.


  1. To be fair, it's not a B movie. It's meant to look like one. They created a fake trailer for the Grindhouse double feature but people were so into it they ended up making the movie. Useless talent number one hundred thirty six.

  2. I REMEMBER THAT TRAILER! It wasn't bad and I love Danny Trejo, so I had a good time.