Sunday, January 29, 2017

Then there was Sunday...

I woke up early on Sunday (having missed SNL). I was a bit bummed, but managed to soldier through it.

So, I started my Sunday night dinner in the crock pot. Now, yesterday, at Kroger's, I bought a boneless chuck roast (buy one, get one free). The free one went into the freezer. The other one I had plans for.

I started by peeling all the carrots I had (less than a pound, but impressive enough). I cut them into half inch-sized bites.

I added to that a can of petite diced tomatoes, four cloves of roughly chopped garlic, a cup of beef broth, salt and pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme and 1/4 teaspoon of dried marjoram. Instead of the red wine the recipe called for, (I don't have any wine in house at the present), I added a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. I put in the chuck roast (I was supposed to brown it in a skillet, but didn't want the mess), turned the slow cooker on low and mentally added up the 10 hours until it would be done.

Sidebar: I'll put the potatoes in about an hour before it will be cooked, so they don't turn to mush...

Then I got started on the usual Sunday morning chores.

Around 11:00 a.m., I shaved, showered and got dressed.

I forgot to tell you I made some queso dip yesterday. I made a double batch, so I could give some to Courtney, Mike and the kids.

Sidebar: It' a stupid simple recipe, rivaled by only my daughter Melissa's cabbage soup.

So, I headed out to their place (five minutes away) and dropped it off. I didn't go in (one of the kids and I forget who, had the flu last week).

I got several texts from Courtney, afterwards.

"Did you really make this? It's amazing!" "Seriously, the  best thing damn thing I've eaten in a week!"

I am paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

Sidebar: I have spent a long time (lifetime) in hospitals which is why I know that the two things that are fncked up are your smell and your tastes. So, I always used my seduction cologne (don't ask) when I went to visit her and thought the queso dip would would be a hit. And, apparently it was.

It was still too early for the post office, so I stopped at a nearby restaurant and ate breakfast. Two eggs, over easy, hash browns and linked sausage (with rye toast) I couldn't eat it all, but I gave it a good try!!!

Then it was afternoon and I hit the post office.

Back home (at last), I treated the cat and then went out back to refill the squirrel feeder and toss some bird seed on the ground. Back inside, I checked out the bathroom window and here's what I saw. You will note the fat squirrel on top the feeder if you click on it to enlarge. You will not see the red headed woodpecker who flew off from the suet cage seconds before I snapped this photo.

I changed clothes and changed out the laundry. The last load, I washed the oversized green blanket. I don't normally use it, except when it's really cold. Then I throw it on top of the bed. But, Caley (who insists on sleeping with me, despite my objections), had left it covered in her cat hair. So, I washed it.

The next thing I did was to finally cut, fit and install the window trim on the downstairs bathroom window (I had left the truck outside for more easy access to the saws). I used the air compressor and the nailing gun to secure it (I have a 100-foot hose, you see).





  1. Nice job on the window.

  2. Thanks. Now onto the hard part. Painting (and I HATE painting) with the Kilz and then the final coat. There are two things I can't seem to master: Painting and soldering a copper joint in plumbing. I suck at both.