Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunny Saturday

I woke up at the normal time. I ate some breakfast with my pills and had two cups of coffee. I watched some of the news to get up to speed and then got ready for another errand run.

First stop was my barber for a long overdue haircut. If I don't get it cut every two weeks, I start to look like a gray-haired Wolfman Jack.

From there, I went to Westborn. I picked up a pound of turkey breast, sliced thick. I made an impulse buy of 1/2-pound of hard salami, thinking of Carla's sandwiches. I snagged some celery on the way to the checkout (I threw away the limp little bit I had when I cleaned the fridge).

Then I headed to the Westland Mall and J C Penney. Amanda had told me she bought her father a new wallet for Christmas. I need one (bad), so I asked her where she got it. She said J C Penney.

So, I picked up a new wallet and some socks. When I got to the checkout, he rang me up and asked for $80! I knew the wallet was less than $30, so I said, "How much are those socks?" (they came two on a little sock hanger and I grabbed two). He said, "$22.00 each." I said, "Put those back. I thought they were $5.00 or so." (I didn't look).

My next stop was across Warren Ave to Burlington Coat Factory.

Sidebar: I didn't report this yesterday, but I was wearing my old leather jacket whenever I was outside. It really cuts the wind and it was pretty windy. But, when I went out back to refill the feeders, I snagged the sleeve on something on the storm door. I put a big rip in it!

Now, I've had that coat for some 30 years. I did put a tear on the upper arm way back when and repaired it (badly - it was pretty noticeable). But, both pockets are worn through and now it's even more f*cked up. Time for a new coat! I'll keep the old one for winter chores.

It took me a while to decide (I really like one, but it didn't have a collar and I wanted a collar). I finally found one I liked, so I bought that and cheaper socks.

Note: This is just a leather jacket, not a real motorcycle jacket. The leather is not thick enough to protect you from road rash. Obviously, neither was my old one.

On the way home, I stopped and filled up the truck. It wasn't empty, but on January 1, the gasoline sales tax in Michigan will rise seven cents a gallon. Oh, and vehicle registration will go up 20%. This is "supposed" to all go for much-need road repairs. So, I support it. But, I thought I'd grab the gas at the cheaper price while I could.

Sidebar: I checked the candy shelves and, sure enough, found the Altoids Arctic. Just like Jake said...

Now, there was a problem. I was screwing the gas cap back on and it broke off in my hand! Shit!

A quick trip into CVS for a couple of cards for January birthdays and I headed across the street to O'Reilly's Auto Parts. I asked if they carried locking gas caps for a Nissan Frontier (I wanted one anyway, to address security concerns). They had to look it up and it turned out they did, but only for certain models. So, I had to go outside and get my registration (for the VIN number). It turned out they carried them for my truck! So, I bought one and two bottles of deicing windshield washer fluid.

I left the truck outside, not for unloading, but for minor maintenance. After putting away the meat, I went back outside. I opened the hood (no, I can't do that inside - it hits the canoe) and refilled the windshield washer fluid. I checked the oil while I was at it (clean and full).

I got out the rest of the old gas cap and then I removed the cable that had attached the broken top of the old gas cap. I installed the new and put one of the keys on my key ring (the other went in the key box)

I took down the few outdoor Christmas decorations and replaced the Christmas wreath with my winter one.

I pulled the truck inside and shut the door. Of course, that meant I had to treat Caley again. 

I changed into my work clothes and then warmed up some Manwich for my lunch.

After lunch, I took an hour break and read in the living room. After that, I called my friend, B___, to wish him a Happy New Year. We hadn't talked in a while so it took some time to catch up.

I got some bad news. A dear friend of mine is in intensive care with COPD and pneumonia. I visited her the last time she was in the hospital. But, she lived down here, then. She has since moved back home to West Branch, so it would be a hike.

Then I got back to work. I took everything out of the downstairs bathroom and swept the floor.

I mixed up some TSP per instructions (1/2 cup to two gallons of water). I put on my long, neoprene gloves (the stuff is nasty) and started washing the walls and ceiling. The soot was bad (I don't think this room got the sponge treatment) and I had to switch out the water four times!!!

Then, of course, I had to rinse everything with warm water. But, I finally finished.

In spite of my precautions, I did manage to drip some of that crap on my arm and clothes. So, I threw the clothes in the washer and took a shower in the main bath (first time in a long time).

Sidebar: First time using that shower, not taking a shower, LOL!

I got dressed in my shorts and t-shirt and went in the kitchen to start dinner. I peeled potatoes and cubed them for mashed potatoes. I put them on to cook and put a half a jar of turkey gravy in a sauce pan to heat up.

I got out some sweet corn from the freezer and heated it up in the microwave.

When the potatoes were done, I drained them and mashed them with some milk, butter and one raw egg. I covered them and let them sit. I put a slice of sourdough bread on a dinner plate and layered it with turkey. I heated that up in the microwave. I topped it with some gravy and then another slice of bread. I added some of the potatoes and corn. I topped the sandwich and the potatoes with more gravy. The sweet corn just got butter and salt.

I sat down and ate an excellent dinner!

I chased it with a cup of coffee (I wanted to stay up and watch 2016 die).

They were showing all of the Lord of Ring trilogy (which I love) so I watched "The Return of the King" to pass the time until midnight.

About 11:45 p.m. I switched the channel to watch the ball drop. When it did, I turned it off and listene to all the guns going off. It sounded like a war zone, here in Redford. Every year, they beg people not to do it, but they always do, LOL!

Sidebar: I used to do that, too, when we lived on the farm in Columbus. But I was using a shot gun with bird shot, so it wouldn't hurt anyone when it came down. These people are using handguns!!!

Then I went to bed.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. Does the retainer cable still work with the locking cap?

  2. No. I had to cut it out. So, I will have to remember NOT to drive off with the cap sitting on the gas pump or in the tuck bed.

  3. Time was the gas tank door had a holder for the cap. What now with all the Facebooking and Tweeter they probably no longer do. Darn shame.