Monday, January 23, 2017

Still foggy Sunday

I woke up late (again) on Sunday. We were still socked in with fog. I could barely see the wall at the back of the property. and could not see Inkster road at all. Fortunately, I had no plans on going out.

I was going to make pancakes with pork sausage for breakfast. It sounded good on Saturday, but Sunday morning it seems like a big hassle (not to mention a big mess). So I ate some toast with orange marmalade with my pills, instead.

I did my usual Sunday morning chores, then shaved, showered and got dressed in my work clothes. I pulled the truck outside to give myself more room. But, I went back inside and watched the rest of the Sunday morning news shows.

Then I started reading. That was a mistake.

So, the cat and I spent most of the day on the lift chair, with the fireplace turned on.

I was going to make chicken breasts with a mushroom and garlic sauce (with rice on the side).

Instead, I made Melissa's cabbage soup (only two ingredients: chopped cabbage and Spicy V8 juice) and ate that throughout the day.

I eventually had to turn on the light so I could see my book. That made me realize it was getting dark. So, no real work  in the bathroom (again). I went out and pulled the truck back in. It was dripping wet, BTW.

I got more soup and a blanket and went back to reading in the living room.

I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up, Caley was still sleeping in my lap. I turned the soup off and went to bed.