Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday, In the fog...

It was really foggy here when I woke up at an amazing 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning. It was weird, as the weather on the news I was watching kept shifting from 1/4 mile visibility to 0.

Sidebar: Okay I get it. It sucks out there. It was still quite foggy when I left on my errand run.

First stop was the Feed Store for 40 pounds of Michigan Mix bird seed. I had them put it in the truck bed and then locked it.

Sidebar: My theory is that no normal person could reach over and pick up 40 pounds of bird seed to steal it. However, if somebody could, I'd probably just let him have it!

Then I dropped $109.00 at Kroger's, mostly restocking. Filled up the truck, though...

I did stop at CVS to talk to the pharmacist. If you remember, I picked up some prescriptions last week. I just went in and got them, without thinking. But, after having the Blue Cross Blue Shield prescription plan for some 30 years, this year Spacely Sprockets when to a CVS prescription plan. And, I forgot all about it.

So, I went and showed my new card to the pharmacist (I was worried it would be billed back to Blue Cross Blue Shield, get bounced and I'd have to pay for it).

He said not to worry, their database is continually updated and they did charge it to CVS.

Back home, I left the truck outside to unload it. When it was emptied (except for the bird seed) I locked it and put the garage door down. Then I put everything away.

Before changing clothes, I went out back to get the wheelbarrow from the shed.

Sidebar: I have gotten a lot of flack by mentioning I carried the bird seed from the front to the back. So, I'm going to truck it back in the wheel barrow.

And, I did.

But, there were a lot of little branches down on the grass from the last few storms.

So, I put on my work gloves and picked them all up.

Back inside, I locked up and changed clothes. The truck was still outside, so the garage (and the saws) were all mine.

I took a short break to eat a bowl of the smoked sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut for lunch.

Then I went and finished the framing out of the bathroom window. It was a bit tricky as each board had different dimensions. It took a long time, but I got 'er done.

I was beat when I was done. So, I took off my sawdust-covered clothes and took a naked nap.

I woke up around 6:30 p.m. I ate another slice of broccoli cheese quiche for dinner.

I did a few chores around the house and then went to reading. I watched the 11:00 p.m. news and then SNL (which was hilarious). Then I went to bed.


  1. "Spacely Sprockets when to a CVS prescription plan"??

  2. My theory is that no normal person could reach over and pick up 40 pounds of bird seed to steal it.

    What about a flock of European swallows?

  3. True, but I guess I hadn't thought of that.